Another rare drawing that I felt compelled to name: "Airborn particulates". Inspired by covid-19 and @ClaraJeffery
post on runners failing to keep a safe distance from neighbors on the sidewalks.

The Covid-19 virus has influenced my daily drawings for months, but it's more recognizable in today's drawing.

I did one in red, and one in blue. So I couldn't resist drawing one in green for an RGB set of drawings. I just couldn't resist.

Just added my Sampling story+interactive to my portfolio site, with links to both the article and the scrolly-telling version.

Just published my newsletter for this week. You can subscribe and read it here:

Also, my first stickers have turned out rather nicely. More info in my newsletter.

Are we really in our second week of 'shelter in place' here in San Francisco? Seems longer, and shorter, at the same time.

Felt the need for bright and cheery colors for today's drawing.

Imagine my surprise when I see my Cell Biology Embroidery kit photo posted by @etsy
but linking to someone else's shop!

It should be linking to my listing for the kit I created and photographed:

Inspiration for today's drawing comes from my past as a Microbiology student. Always loved phospholipids and semipermeable membranes.

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