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Experimenting with drawing covid trimers freehand, along with other membrane proteins, in today's drawing. Inspired by and working toward something for .

Inspired by today's prompt: Forams. So many shapes and patterns to choose from, I felt a little overwhelmed and settled on two.

Experimenting with a growth pattern in today's drawing. This one got me a little dizzy while working on it.

Meditating on Black Lives Matter for today's drawing, and ignoring the official prompt. The alternating colors encode the message, and I wrote the key on the outer edge of the flower.

Honestly, if I've learned anything from my project it's that people need to start sending each other letters and postcards again! I've experienced so much wonderful, human, personality, dog-cat-eaten mail and charts.

Today's official prompt is 'wisp', so I'm playing with kelpy inspiration and drawing a watery wisp for to day's drawing.

It's ! Rather than following an official (or unofficial) prompt, I went with seaweed inspiration for today's and drawing.

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