Honestly, this 'mentrificiation' is one of the fears I have for Data Visualization. How long after is elevated before women like me are pushed out? And can the data viz community do anything to actually prevent it?


In later half of 2020, I mailed over 300 letters across the US and around the world. The recipients let me know when they arrived.

I've also been working on some data visualizations about the results, so far.


Here's a sneak peak showing where I've sent stickers to some locations outside of the US, and they've arrived. It can take a while. The more red the dot, the longer it took. forms.gle/4mJFGGw2cs6Y6get9

Experimenting with visualizing some of the data (to date).

Still sending out stickers and crowdsourcing data collection on USPS delivery times. Can we fill in more of the map? Especially in the middle of the US?

1. You sign up
2. I mail a sticker to you
3. You tell me when it arrives

Work in progress: experimenting with showing mail travel times when recipient sends an envelope back to me for project.


How cool would it be if at the next conference I can attend in person all the laptops had stickers on them from my project? And if I presented, everyone could find themselves in the viz.

Just added my Sampling story+interactive to my portfolio site, with links to both the article and the scrolly-telling version. kristinhenry.github.io/

I've updated my whimsical viz of the growing popularity of @RandyRainbow
videos with today's new vid. But there's something wonky with the spacing of the biggest bubbles in the modified bee-swarm plot. I'll have to fix that. kristinhenry.github.io/randyRa

I rendered a video of my current data art piece Data Meditations: an Abstract Koi Pond. It's posted on my Patreon. I developed this using javascript, canvas, data, and a little for csv handling.


I've been rethinking some things about mentoring and being a woman in tech and the world.


Wrapping up another week of drawings and experimenting with combining a simple branching fractal and my petal motif.

This one almost looks like a map to me, but that might because I'm currently working on a map .


Sneak peek on a project I've been working on for months. Most of that time has been spent on data collection, processing, analysis. Just starting on the viz.

It's still in the early stages, but this draft of a single chart is so cool that I can't resist sharing. I know it isn't readable to anyone but me. But to me it's beautiful :)

For now, I'm only posting this on vis.social and on my patreon (patreon.com/posts/287810930)

Confession: I'm particularly fond of beeswarm plots. And while I usually finish up with a white background, I often like to work with a dark background for charts that are 'in-progress'.


I just published my first article on a project I've been working on:

'Tracking the Advertisers: ‘ScreenDatify’ Data Collection and Project Evolution'

The part of the project is still in the works and I'm still collecting data.


This is what the chart looked like at the end of the last day. I love seeing how kids of different ages positioned their stars differently. Some ages clustered together, and others preferred to line up.

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Fun data viz I'm developing over the next couple days, in my booth at the .

After building a 3D model of a cell with us, we're asking them to put a sticker on our chart. Slow day, today. So perfect for testing.


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