Today's prompt is "Persistance", and I took a little more time than usual to think about what to draw. I wrote about it on my Patreon.

Today's prompt is "Plasmid". These cool little double stranded rings of DNA are most commonly found in bacteria. I've gone with some abstract plasmids next to chromosomal DNA in today's drawing.

Today's prompt is "Secretion", and I decided to go with some budding cell patterns. It kinda got away from me and I got carried away with drawing buds.

Today's prompt is "Toxin". I started out thinking about how a toxin can be specific to an organism.

Today's prompt is "Chemotaxis". What a fun prompt!! I decided to draw a 'tumbler' out of range of the gradient, and a 'swimmer' moving up the gradient.

Today's prompt is "Division". Instead of arithmetic, I took that inspiration and went with an abstract representation of Cell Division.

Today's prompt is 'Wall'. So I played with negative space and stippled some plant cell membranes and hinting at chloroplast thylokoid structures.

I'm following today's for my drawing, and it's bringing back memories of my days in the lab: "Streaking".

Today's prompt is "Defence", and my mind went right to antibodies. I've drawn them at bigger scale than the rest of the cell, to emphasize them.

Today's prompt is "Quarum Sensing", and I'm drawing an abstract representation of bacteria using it to trigger bioluminescence.

Day 5 of , and the prompt is "Lysis". Got me thinking about the phospholipids in disrupted membranes.

I wrote down some brief thoughts about the phospholipids in my drawing for today's prompt

For today's drawing, I combined prompts from two lists: "Knot" from the official list, and "Dormancy" from the list. I had fun with this one and went abstract.

Wrapping up four years of daily drawings, with inspiration from today's prompt: "Hopeful".

Tomorrow, and another year of daily drawings begin.

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