So, I've been channeling my frustrations with how this crisis is being not-managed at a federal level (and more) into a game about smashing particles. And yes, an orange blob steals meds.

This is my first game. Working on more levels.

Today's inspiration from comes two coding projects. I'm getting ready to launch Smash-a-rona beta. Also planning to bring Diffusion out of cold storage. Diffusion was a game I worked on with @MolecularJig.

I'm getting ready to start early testing on my Smash-a-rona game. Building this game, while in lock-down, has been a big boost to my mental health in the midst of all that's going on.

If you'd like to help test, please reach out.

Imagine my surprise when I see my Cell Biology Embroidery kit photo posted by @etsy
but linking to someone else's shop!

It should be linking to my listing for the kit I created and photographed:

Inspiration for today's drawing comes from my past as a Microbiology student. Always loved phospholipids and semipermeable membranes.

It's day 4 of , and the official prompt is "freeze". My mind goes right to bubbles frozen in chocolate and then I abstract a pattern. I'm going with solid as a frozen state.

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Trying to keep my drawings in just black ink. Not sure how long I can resist colors, these dancing starfish are tempting me to add color to them.

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Today's official prompt is 'mindless', but I forgot to check before drawing. I played with circles, curves, and tangents in today's drawing.

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Drawing little networked seastars in today's drawing. To indicate connections, I filled them with pink ink. They're small, you might need to open larger image to see them.

Experimenting with my starfish pattern in an abstract molecular structure. I can imagine them breaking free and dancing, like yesterday's drawing.

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