Wrapping up another week of daily drawings with another branching fractal. In-progress photos, and finished piece now posted for my patrons: patreon.com/posts/53585950

You can now support buy purchasing a set of stickers made from hand drawn generative art inspired by Science, Nature, and Math etsy.me/2TzaXhI

Proceeds help cover expenses for the project, like postage stamps, envelopes, etc.

Thinking coral growth, or mineral aggregation, in today's drawing. Finished piece is now posted for my patrons (all levels): patreon.com/posts/51605200

All those years of studying Chemistry and Biochemistry has certainly left a mark on my creative brain. Today's drawing is now posted for my patrons: patreon.com/posts/51605200

Wrapping up another week of drawings with some imaginary microbes. The finished drawing's now posted for my patrons: patreon.com/posts/50767647

Thinking organic pattern formation and abstract microbes in today's drawing. Just posted the finished drawing for my patrons (all levels): patreon.com/posts/50767647

I tried to keep today's drawing small and simple, but ended up filling the whole page thinking about immune cells moving in on a diseased cell. Completed drawing posted for my patrons now: patreon.com/posts/50767647

Thinking lava lamps and cellular budding in today's drawing. patreon.com/posts/49324536

The is definitely nudging my daily drawings in a direction these days.

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