Lots of signups this week. I'm working my way through the list...writing notes, addressing envelopes, and walking a pile like this to the post office every day.

And working with my dataset, and viz

Working on a new series of "Generative Nerves", and was inspired to attempt drawing some by hand for today's drawing.

Starting a new week of daily drawings with a comforting pattern...at least, it's comforting for me to draw it. Here's a work-in-progress photo

Look what just arrived! If you want one of these sunflower stickers, sign up for my and mention 'sunflower sticker' in the comments field.

Make sure to tell me when your envelope arrives.


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Getting back to normal, after the holidays and , and my time is getting more structured again.

I've got my Cell Biology Candy back in my shop, ready to ship. Yes, the box has my Cell diagram washi tape :)


Day 9 prompt is "Architecture". I went a different direction, and drew abstract fungal structures instead. This piece is drawn with a glass dipping pen, on heavy watercolor paper.

More photos are posted on my Patreon: patreon.com/posts/60956359

Wrapping up another week of daily hand drawn generative art,with a fungi inspired pattern. I don't have many patrons, but for those I have, I've posted the finished drawing for them to see now. patreon.com/posts/60698093

Starting a new week of daily hand drawn generative art. Thinking about gravity/magnetism while working on today's drawing.

Wrapping up another week of daily hand drawn generative art. Felt like drawing some colorful imaginary ants for today's drawing.

They bug me in real life, but I enjoy drawing them.

Going with a simple branching fractal for today's drawing, and that wraps up another week of drawings. I'll be starting a new post for next week's drawings tomorrow.

Sassy Watermark says "Shhhhh. I'm thinking here".

Do you see how atomic orbitals inspire some of my drawings? The inspiration is strong in today's drawing.

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