Playing with negative space in today's drawing. Plus, today's is for all the and folks out there.

@tio @tek @matt @omnipotens @dcid @nathan @alarig

I'm really overwhelmed with things right now, but might like to discuss in the future. TMI: Mom has advanced Parkinson's and I'm trying to still get work done. But I'm also interested in how others are approaching this...for example I'm concerned about the environmental impact of NFTs, but there are folks on my instance posting in favor of them. How are others approaching this.

Today's Sassy Watermark is in solidarity with Artologica, whose work was stolen and is being sold on redbubble by the thief.

Don't steal from artists! If you like their work, pay them!

@vanderZwan Hmmm...oh! There you are! You used a different name, so I didn't recognize it was you. Thank you!

Continuing with yesterday's inspiration (Manzanita), in today's drawing. Also, Sassy Watermark is expressing approval of the Sassy Watermark Maker.

Thinking about the Manzanita of my North West Coast childhood, while working on today's drawing. Finished piece is now posted for my patrons:

@vanderZwan wait, are you sure you're sponsoring me on github? I'm not seeing you listed as a sponsor. Maybe you've done private sponsorship?

I am contemplating the value of continuing to personally financially support this mastodon instance.

Just FYI.

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