Starting a new post for this week's drawings, with a swirl of fish/teardrops. Finished drawing is now posted for my supporters on patreon.

Playing with colors today. I wasn't planning on the orange for the fins and tails, but then inspiration struck. Perhaps because I was drinking my coffee out of one of my favorite 'tea' cups (by twitter@nervous_system

Playing with color and branching in today's drawing. As usual, the finished drawing is posted for my patrons with early access. The post will be public in a few weeks.

I'm sharing today's drawing with the crowd.

As part of my daily practice, I pick up my glass dipping pen and draw a small piece of Generative Art in ink.

I create most of my art with code and data, but these are drawn by hand in my sketchbook.

Taking yesterday's pattern in another direction for today's drawing. I've posted the finished piece, and in-progress photos in this week's post (with early access for my patrons):

Starting a new week of daily hand drawn generative art works, in ink, on paper: . Today's inspiration came from sea slugs.

Wrapping up this week of daily drawings with a slight mutation of yesterday's drawing.

Today's drawing is inspired by fungi. Once I decided on an algorithm for drawing them, I went ahead with hand drawing these little generative art fungi.

Here's a work-in-progress photo. Finished drawing is posted early for my supporters.

More colorful imaginary ants for today's drawing, but with teal as the dominant color.

Starting a new week of drawings. These are hand drawn generative art. I decide on an algorithm before I start and run with it.

Today, I drew a colorful community of imaginary ants.

Wrapping up another week of daily hand drawn generative art. Felt like drawing some colorful imaginary ants for today's drawing.

They bug me in real life, but I enjoy drawing them.

Taking the ribbon pattern in a circular direction for today's drawing: hand drawn generative art. If you missed the evolution of this pattern, they're posted for my supporters:

Zooming in on a tangle for today's drawing.

More days than not, my daily drawings are actually hand drawn Generative Art. For my daily meditation, I decide on an algorithm and then draw it with a glass dipping pen.


Inspiration for today's drawing comes from the amazing work of twitter@Larkin and thinking about starfish in tidal pools.

Enthused by's talk that just ended with lots of insights and inspiration for design-oriented research:


If this interests you: Miriah is building a research group at and has postdoc & PhD positions!

In today's drawing I'm experimenting with something I've done in coded Generative art: recording the motifs as I draw them along side the drawing itself. Might need to play with this more.

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