History isn't perfectly preserved, but there are more than a few records of rioting. Here's one that's 99 years old in a digestible comic. It's nothing and everything like what's happening now.


I started working on this Protest-Art game when we went into lock-down for covid. When feds started intercepting medical supplies purchased by states and hospitals, I had to express my anger and frustration and poured that into Smash-a-rona.


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What’s Privacy Preserving Proximity Tracing? @thomashaaas@twitter.com and I made a visual explainer. Why do we need it? How would it work? What are the risks? → tracing.ft0.ch

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Attend EuroVis 2020 online and freely! Started today with workshops. Watch talks on Youtube, access open papers on EG, and discuss with speakers + attendees on Discord. @egev2020@twitter.com conferences.eg.org/egev20/#vir

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Getting ready to make my protest-art game public. Look out for the orange blob! It bounces around and steals meds. If you want a sneak peek, let me know and I'll send you the password. Friendly eyes would be much appreciated.


The algorithm in today's drawing is very calming to me, while I'm drawing it. Needing extra calming today...and most days, recently. patreon.com/posts/37423427

Thinking about families and individuals sheltering in place, and how we're all still connected, while working on today's drawing. patreon.com/posts/37423427

Did a limited run of prints (40 only) of my "Quiralta's Queen of Hearts"🐱

Was testing papers/print options for a bit.

These are on mate 11x8.5in 12pt paper, they are actually neat! (if I may say so myself).🙃

If you would like to grab one they are only $10usd, free usa shipping. Just DM me for full details, passing the word is always a huge support too!🙏

Today's drawing gave me it's name as I was finishing it: "Fractal ghosts face their killer". Yes, the orange blob is who you think it is. patreon.com/posts/37423427

After yesterday's accidental smear, I decided to intentionally play with smearing the ink in today's drawing. patreon.com/posts/37423427

It took me longer to get to an early-beta version than I expected, but I'm now giving Smash-a-rona early access to all of my Patreon supporters.


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