Feels so satisfyingly good to get these envelopes ready to go out with tomorrow's mail. All of the return envelopes have my new PO Box address on them, so I should be able to resume return trip travel times from participants.

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Just got back from my local post office, and I now have keys in hand to my new PO Box. Addressing envelopes tonight, and getting my backlog of stickers and letters ready to go out tomorrow.

Project is fully back on track! Woohoo!


Going even more nervy for today's drawing. Super happy with how this one turned out. The finished piece is available to my patrons: patreon.com/posts/47843394

From a coding perspective, I could update this visualization to 500,000 by modifying a single line of code. But I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it, from an emotional perspective.


Inspired by biomedia_lab's post about embroidery and Cajal drawings, I went in a neuro direction with today's drawing. Finished drawing is available to my Patrons: patreon.com/posts/47843394

Starting another week of drawings with some branching fractal growth. Finished drawing is on my Patreon: patreon.com/posts/47843394

Wrapping up another week of daily drawings, with a drawing that reminds me of origami sea turtles. The finished drawing, and a larger drawing I've been working on, is now online for my patrons: patreon.com/posts/47560733

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Dr. Rudolf Modley, a student of Otto Neurath, popularized isotypes in the US through his Pictorial Statistics company. Its Telefacts were syndicated in newspapers across the country - via @Jasonforrestftw@twitter.com medium.com/nightingale/the-tel

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Another really interesting student data visualisation project: ‘touch, touch, swipe’: how and why engage people with Instagram?


From the project course ‘Data Talks / Data Walks’ by @framoriniii@twitter.com and @nrchtct@twitter.com.

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Are you visualizing data relating to the energy domain? CfP for the 2nd Workshop on Energy Data Visualization. See energyvis.org/ for more info. @ArnaudProuzeau@twitter.com @GruchallaKenny@twitter.com @lynbartram@twitter.com

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More play with partial 'Mystic Rose' geometry patterns in today's drawing. Also had successful start to a larger drawing, on better watercolor paper, which can be seen by my Patrons: patreon.com/posts/47560733

i just published a new blog post about tool making:

"The inspired brilliance of Katelabs, a foray into glitch tools, and what zine culture has taught me about games & software dev…"

a bunch of new tool recommendations too!
excited to share this one ❤️

Starting to play with a pattern based on the mathematical 'Mystic Rose' for today's drawing. Also drew a larger one, which can be seen by my Patrons on my patreon: patreon.com/posts/47560733

Today's drawing turned out kinda like a grinning monster, so I'm sharing a drawing I did on thick watercolor paper instead. patreon.com/posts/47560733

Revisiting yesterday's pattern and colors, just couldn't resist while working on today's drawing. Finished drawing is on my Patreon: patreon.com/posts/47560733

@moiety @hafnia In 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now, ask yourself how you feel about that question.

@evelynyap Why 35? That's a very good question, and I hope we can explore it more.

How do we define these inflection points? As a woman, let alone a woman in science and tech, I have had to dance around the expectations of male norms and expectations.

My first thought about splitting at 35 was that on meeting me, in person at conferences, many folks assume that is my age. Like it was a magic number.

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