I gave a talk today called "What to consider when considering data vis rules" at the (very enjoyable!) @GraphicHunters@twitter.com SHOW conference.

Here's the transcript: lisacharlotterost.de/datavisru

Here are the slides: github.com/lisacharlotterost/t

And here's the 40min talk in 20sec:

This is my favorite kind of code project - it's sloppy and arcane but it does something cool, enjoy my infinite vector bird avatar generator: codepen.io/gulfie/pen/PoGomGy

Recently people have started twitting how much they enjoy #observablehq and what they do with it. I tried to cut down my contribution to 140 chars but it wouldn’t fit:
observablehq.com/@fil/the-obse t.co/C51KzSHcGv

Wrapping up another week of drawings and playing with a different color combination. Finished drawing is on my Patreon. patreon.com/posts/43936229

Experimenting with visualizing some of the data (to date).

Still sending out stickers and crowdsourcing data collection on USPS delivery times. Can we fill in more of the map? Especially in the middle of the US?

1. You sign up
2. I mail a sticker to you
3. You tell me when it arrives

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