Having fun with today's prompt: 'Dancing'. How could I resist drawing some dancing star fish? I couldn't.

Today's 's prompt is a fun one: Branching. So I went with a simple branching tree for today's drawing. Here's an in-progress ...finished drawing is now posted for my fans on Patreon and Ko-fi.

Can I actually pull together an outdoor exhibit of some of my art...in one week?

We shall see. It'll be close.

Being 'Kind' to myself, and indulging in playing around a bit more with lichen inspired patterns for today's drawing. Yes, 'Kind' is today's prompt for . Finished drawing now posted for my supporters.

Today's prompt is "Rocky". My mind goes to lichen covered rocks...so today's drawing is an abstract interpretation of some gorgeous lichen. Here's an in-progress peek.

Not ready to move on from this pattern...I'm loving combining two 'slices' and pairing colors. Here's an in-progress shot. The finished drawing's now posted on Patreon and Ko-fi: patreon.com/posts/72207094 ko-fi.com/Post/InkyDays-091922

Taking a break from the prompts, and playing with an idea from a few days ago, with today's drawing. Here's an in-progress shot.

What's the song my teenager found most resonant and found out her fellow classmates also listened to, when they went back to classrooms? Something from my parents' generation.


Thinking through the question you want to ask, especially when debugging code, can lead you to the solution before you even get to ask.

Starting a new week of daily drawings, with today's prompt: "Winged". I've been wanting to play with drawing bees, and this is the perfect push to start.

Today's prompt is "Divided". My mind went in lots of directions. Here's the in-progress, and finished drawing is now posted for my supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi.

Today's prompt is "Twin", and my brain went to Mitosis. So today's drawing is inspired by the chromosomes pulling apart before the cell divides.

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