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i've put together a list of hundreds (!) of open source, experimental, and tiny tools for interactive, web, and game development

this rose out of my weird tools games class, where we have been talking about walled gardens, the politics and aesthetics that tools carry with them, the edges of “tool” and where it intersects with “game” or “playful media” and how much a tool can say about its maker

(but i also thought this resource might be particularly useful now ~)

In the coming two weeks, I'm helping to moderate discussions on data visualization and the COVID19 situation. It's taking place on the Data Visualization Society slack.


We are seeking two new colleagues with expertise in and interest in for a 2-year research project on immersion and narration in digital cultural heritage.

Job ad:

Apply by 31 March and join us in May!



can help us make sense of and teach about the coronavirus, but the stakes are high. has 10 considerations to help you :


A wonderful documentary on, Swedish artist who invented abstract art—as we now know.

After premiere in Berlin art historian Julia Voss and filmmaker Halina Dyrschka share their rage about the ignorance of art history as told up until now.

Gender-based discrimination are structural injustices which are increasingly manifested in data. and data-based storytelling can help to raise awareness and accelerate change towards equality. Below are some examples – feel free to add!

I am a full-time indie game developer. To help creating a rich and dynamic game world, I've designed and implemented the Dew programming language.

While I work towards my first game release, I'm using Dew to draw some simple animations every day and post them here.

Just published my newsletter. It's short and sweet, with some of the interesting or entertaining things I find.

new post:
UI design is fun! (inspirational ways of looking at UI, and discussing how to better understand UI’s place in game design…)
some of this would have been my GDC talk, but it's much longer & more insightful...
if you think UI design is boring, this post is for you!

weepeople is a font, so it can be selected. This can produce some interesting visual results.

I'm calling this image a 'pretty bug' from something I'm working on.

Pure luck that the first glyph in the weepeople font reminds me of a 'WTF' pose. So this image is both a representation of my mood today, and also a successful test of using probublica's weepeople font with d3.js.

Just want to mention to anyone working on covid-19 visualizations: avoid calculating and displaying 'mortality rate'. We don't have data to give this, so any rates will be wrong.

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