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taking part in and Irene Dittrich's virtual opening of their Digital Participation and Inclusion Lab at, a research group at the interface between digital technologies and media, social work and education. congrats and best of luck!

hey everyone, my PyCon 2020 tutorial session is now online: and contains, well, pretty much everything I know about phonetics, machine learning and meter/rhyme/sound symbolism in poetry. tutorial code and notebooks here:

So, I've been channeling my frustrations with how this crisis is being not-managed at a federal level (and more) into a game about smashing particles. And yes, an orange blob steals meds.

This is my first game. Working on more levels.

I'm ready for beta-testers to play my little political-protest game. Well, it's not so much a protest, as an expression of frustration with the WH and Covid-19. But really, you just smash virus particles with meds.

If you want an invite, DM me.

Today's inspiration from comes two coding projects. I'm getting ready to launch Smash-a-rona beta. Also planning to bring Diffusion out of cold storage. Diffusion was a game I worked on with @MolecularJig.

🎉 #Mastodon v3.1.4 is out:

This release includes many bugfixes, ability to remove Keybase proofs from your account, support for new unicode emoji, improvements around delivery to dead servers, and new options for browsing public timelines!

200 years ago on this day, was born. As a founder of modern nursing and data visualization pioneer, she reminds us of what has now become more relevant than ever: caring for people and communicating evidence

Why flat earthers are affected by #5G and normal people aren't.
See? There's an explanation for everything.

Finally got around to updating gallery on my portfolio site. I usually post the day's drawing on my Patreon, so that's where's you'll usually find my most recent daily drawings.

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