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When you have a project 80% done and you just have to finish it off


It seems that some of my posts have been set to 'locked'. I'm not sure how I did that. Oh well.

Thank you to everyone who tested for me! I really appreciate it.

Is the link I'm sharing here, boostable ->

This is test of posting an drawing, and seeing if it's locked.

Hmmm...but that one can be boosted. Need to figure out how my posts have become locked.

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Ok, it looks like I've somehow made my posts un-boost-able. It hasn't always been this way, so I'm not sure how it happened.

History isn't perfectly preserved, but there are more than a few records of rioting. Here's one that's 99 years old in a digestible comic. It's nothing and everything like what's happening now.

I started working on this Protest-Art game when we went into lock-down for covid. When feds started intercepting medical supplies purchased by states and hospitals, I had to express my anger and frustration and poured that into Smash-a-rona.

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