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My little Stickers and Stamps project is starting to take off, slowly thankfully. I've sent out three batches, and prepping a fourth tonight. Most arrive in a few days, as expected, but some are taking much longer.

The signup form is still open, and there's more info on background of project here:

I made Sift, an experimental image editor that slices an image into layers. You can offset the layers to generate interference patterns and pseudo-3D effects.

It uses additive blending and a pixel-based light splitting algorithm. It came out of thinking about how to add depth to a grid of pixels. For more info you can read the release notes ( or watch a video tour ( As always, I'd love to see anything you make with it.


Announcing the Data Visualization Census 2020!

Help us understand the state of , the people who make it, and where the practice is headed. Whether it's your primary focus or is one of many skills you wield, we want to hear from you.


Tech fascists 

A big mistake in tech coverage over the past decade has been depicting its figures as dorks, bureaucrats, buffoons —everything but dangerous, powerful, and fully enabling fascism if not totally fascist themselves. I get the sense that media like the HBO show Silicon Valley (which already was a mess) is going to look apologetic in retrospect. The media depiction of Zuckerberg has changed, thankfully, but not quickly enough.

Looked over at my pup, and saw that he'd nabbed the paper I'd sketched my first draft of data from Stickers and Stamps project. Ugh.

Playing with branching and phylotaxy in today's drawing, but I made a mistake in one of the distal branches. Ooops.

Just finished getting a new batch of stickers ready to go out in tomorrow morning's mail. I love the Ruth Asawa stamps!

Sign up form has new details: you can request a stamped envelope to send back to me, and I added a privacy statement.

Today's drawing is my response to the changes to the Rose Garden. My rose encodes 'Black Lives Matter' in the color pattern of it's petals.

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