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I was so happy on Saturday that I drew a bunch of these in celebration.

Celebration Drawings

If the account, who is posting unacceptable posts, is on this instance I can kick them off of this instance.

I'm less sure of what happens when I 'suspend' accounts on other instances. I think they are blocked from being seen on this instance, but I'm not entirely sure.

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So, the Fediverse is a complicated space.If you're on this instance, and you see things that are absolutely not acceptable, please report them. I can then block them on this instance. I'm not really sure what happens outside of this instance.

How cool would it be if at the next conference I can attend in person all the laptops had stickers on them from my project? And if I presented, everyone could find themselves in the viz.

I'd really like to keep collecting mail delivery time data, and mail out stickers, during this stressful time. Sign up, and let's continue looking at the damage done to our postal system on a personal scale.

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Just finished processing a bunch of incoming envelopes from folks in my project. I'm all set to send out a bunch more stickers and track their delivery times. Sign up now! Help fill in more of this map an get a cool sticker!

I've been posting updates on the data and my work-in-progress charts and maps on my Patreon

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Please sign up for a sticker, and help me track USPS delivery times, and send out my art stickers, and give me a simple task of addressing an envelope to you as we wait for results.

I've been distracting myself with work and my project. But I've caught up with all the envelopes that folks have signed up for.

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So, tomorrow is election day. Anxiety is ubiquitous. We know who will have more votes. But we don't know what will happen. As a math-y person, it's like finding out that f(x) only equals y if unknown multiple forces align and math wins.

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