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All of Tetrageddon Games (the website and Flash games) is open source again:
I just posted this. There's lots of weird javascript and html stuff included... probably fun to mull around in. At the very least all the animated gifs could be useful to someone :D

It's been a while since I've drawn one of my imaginary cities for , so I'm starting a new week with one. Finished drawing is posted for my patrons:

Experimenting. Curious if folks will visit link if they see it on my image. Is there some sort of 'double encoding' that happens?

Wrapping up another week of daily drawings and thinking about jellyfish. Finished drawing is posted for my patrons, and you can join them:

Taking abstract inspiration from protein folding for today's drawing. Finished drawing is posted for my patrons: You can join them, and help support my art and research.

In case you haven't seen the data visualizations I've been working on with the first months of data, here's my write up, viz, and maps:

Loving these colors, so I'm adding some curves in today's drawing. Finished piece is posted for my patrons. You can join them:

Thinking about lichen while working on today's drawing. Finished drawing, and some thoughts, are now posted for my patrons:


Woohoo!'s sending stickers for my #StickersAndStamps project.

First 20 to mention 'Bleeptrack' in the comment field, will get one of these.

1. You sign up
2. I mail stickers to you
3. you tell me arrival date


Alright! Funky Fingers vinyl stickers came out really nice! Each one is unique ✨
That's the perfect time to test some webshop tools for my next website iteration: want some stickers?

Going with bubbles instead of stipple in today's drawing. The finished piece, with full colors, is now posted for my patrons:

Wrapping of another week of drawings, and going organic. Playing with branching, joining, and stippling. Finished piece is posted for my patrons:


We are happy to be back! will be held online 27 Sep – 2 Oct. Abstract submissions for paper presentations & lightning talks are due on 15 May.

Find the call for participation and our program committee here:

Stay tuned for more details soon!


👋 Heya, bleeptrack here. I create generative stuff of all sorts 👩‍💻.
I open-source all my projects and make them freely available. Art is for everyone!
No crypto thingy from me, but instead consider supporting me with a steady income eg. via patreon.❤️

My sleepy brain forgot the most important part! I'm a self-employed full-time artist since January ✨

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