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After tomorrow's 'watermark', I think I might have more fun with them. Here's another one on today's drawing.

Having fun playing with these quilt patterns in today's drawing. Finished piece is now posted for my patrons:


Life’s hard as a duckling when mum keeps disappearing every 5 seconds.


Thinking about the 7x7 miles of this city that I call home, in today's drawing. The finished drawing is now posted for my patrons:


Grow Around 🦠 #javascript #generative #tinycode #biology



Running low on stamps for project. If you'd like to chip in and help cover costs for stamps, stickers, envelopes,... there's an option to support the project page

My headphones decided to quit on me, so I decided to indulge in one of my floral patterns. Finished drawing is now posted for my patrons:

I'm having fun with these imaginary creatures in today's drawing. Yep, my sketch is hand drawn generative art. But I'm drinking my coffee out of a computationally created artwork from @nervous_system

And another week of the daily hand drawn generative art that are begins. Finished piece now posted for my patrons. You can join them at

Wait, so NFTs are just selling copyrights, mixed in with blockchain stuff?

Just another gimmick, that will benefit the same artists who know how to game the the more traditional gallery scene?

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