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Tomorrow's gonna be a really rough day. So I'm drawing for my own comfort and soothing blues for today's .

the post is up!
A retrospective on the Electric Zine Maker, making tools, sharing the $ numbers, and more (after launching the really big update…)
i go over everything and what working on it has meant to me. thank you everyone that supported it ❤️

Thinking about cellular biology in today's drawing. Finished piece is posted for my patrons, smudge and all:

Just to be clear, I'm not planning to produce or 'sell' any NFTs.

1) there aren't really any Green NFTs.

2) I don't see how offering my art as NFTs is going to bring me any more financial income that my existing artwork.

Starting another week of drawings with some beautiful teal inks.

I create a lot of my art with code, but I also create a lot of my generative art by hand with a glass dipping pen and inks.

Another flower for today's drawing. Since the smoke is causing an orange tint to the sunlight here in San Francisco, I'm using orange in this flower.

Oooh...Look what just arrived. Sassy Watermark Stickers! Now available as a reward, for my Sassy Watermark Maker supporters on itch.

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