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Wrapping up another week of daily hand-drawn generative art . Just a few days before wrapping up a fourth *year* of these.

Following today's prompt, "Theoretical". My brain went to fuzzy, then to soot sprites.

Also wanna play with flow fields? Here's sketch! The main thing is just 3 lines :) #creativecoding

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Today's prompt is "Arboreal". I went a bit abstract, but I think the inspiration is recognizable in today's drawing.

Today's prompt is "Illogical". My mind went to the destructive chaos and cruelty of anti-vax and anti-mask crowds. So, today's drawing is of a covid virus particle.

Get vaccinated! Wear a mask! For yourself, your community, and beyond.

Sign ups for my project are open again! Like stickers? Wanna help me track USPS delivery times?

How it works:
1. You sign up
2. I mail a sticker to you
3. You tell me when it arrives

When software 'image' filters catch up to what Artists are doing, it's no longer art. And Artists then move on to new ideas

Think the rise of Impressionism when Photography made realistic painting less artistically relevant.

As a Generative Artist myself, this means pivot point

Starting a new week of drawings on a new post:

Today's prompt is 'Cerulian', so I went with one of my favorite patterns, and tried to get as close to Cerulian blue as I could with the inks I have.

Today's prompt is "Mechanical", so I drew some squishy gears.

Yesterday's drawing is posted on my Patreon. I didn't have time to post it anywhere else yesterday.

The lesson, for me, is that this project isn't guaranteed to happen, until I get the funds and the candy in my hands.

After more research, it appears that someone did indeed cancel their support for the project. I had no idea that was possible.

But another person pledged the exact same amount, right after that. So it looked like a blip, on the surface, to me.

Today's prompt is "Handmade". Had to think about that a bit, but took inspiration from the 3D Cell models we used to make with kids at the Maker Faire for my drawing.

Just added a fun Add-On reward to my Cell Biology Candy Kickstarter: Science+Math themed temporary tattoos with hand folded origami packets.

Yeah, I'm letting myself geek out on this project. So much geeky joy.

Today's prompt is "Community", and my mind went right to lichen. So here's an abstract generative drawing of lichen for today's drawing. Sassy Watermark had something to say, too.

Remember when RayBan ads were for vampires, not soul sucking web services?

I've just added some of my Generative Art Silk Scarves as Add-On rewards for Cell Biology Candy by Kristin Henry on @Kickstarter

Today's prompt is "Otherworldly", so I'm drawing an imaginary little world for my drawing. I also started a new post for this week's drawings:

Today's prompt is "Living". What keeps most life on earth alive? Mitochondria!

So I'm drawing abstract Mitochondria for today's drawing.

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