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i turned the ZineCamp workshop into a blog post so that you can explore all the links and tools that i demoed.
"using tiny open source tools in your own work, the values of preservation, and building your own tiny tool box"
thank you!! hope u enjoy.

Here's a chaotic puddly knot for today's drawing.

Sassy Watermark says "This is not an NFT!".

Returning to a familiar and comforting pattern for today's drawing, in delicate colors. Still recovering from the booster shot. Still glad I can protect others because of it.

Work-in-progress, and finished drawing, posted on my Patreon

I did manage to do today's drawing, but I think that's it for today. Gonna snuggle up under a warm blanket and watch baking shows and movies...maybe The Princess Bride?

Ugh. Day after getting the Pfizer booster, and I am wiped out.

Gonna try to do my drawing for today...and then maybe go back to bed and sleep another 10 hours.

Yeah, I'm miserable. But it won't last long, and then I won't have to worry about transmitting the virus.

Now that is over, I'm starting a new post and playing with more colorful inks again.

Oh! Sassy Watermark is back! :)

I've set this post up for Patron's early access, and it will go public in a few weeks.

All 31 of my drawings for this year are posted here:

I'm so thankful to @LizahvdAart
for the wonderful inspirations in the daily prompts!

Hey and community, I need your help!

Getting more folks to sign up and report on the exact date their letter arrives is super important to this project.

It would be a huge help if you would personally invite folks you know.

You can help me collect data on USPS delivery times by signing up for the next batch:

How it works:
1. You sign up
2. I mail a sticker to you
3. You tell me when it arrives

No, I'm not doing NFT art, nor will I. Why? So many reasons, ecological impact at the top.

If you like my art. Buy my art. From me. And put it on your walls, or wear it, or whatever.


Probably trivial to the math folks, but recently learned that the correct way to uniformly distribute points in a circle is by generating coordinates in the following manner:
r = R*sqrt(random(1));
theta = random(TAU);


Today's prompt is "Adhesion". So many possibilities! I went with an abstract model of cellular adhesion molecules. That's quite a rabbit hole of fascinating molecular structures, but I tried to keep it simple.

the interactive webzine made by Gvidas Pakarklis and myself is now playable for free on itch!
it's a net-art browser zine about the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Dr Frost... with lots of beautiful art (by Gvidas).
made for the Indiepocalypse and Kuš collaboration.

I should mention that over the last few years, I've been looking for my balance between freelance and focusing on my own research and art.

While open to commissions, I'm currently working more on building my own projects. Even though it's a huge financial hit.

Working on packaging up the Cell Biology Candy for my lovely Kickstarter backers. Going with simplicity. The blue tape is Washi tape with cell diagrams on own artwork.

Today's prompt is "Transposons". These cool little DNA moleceluces 'jump' around. When they 'land' in the middle of a gene, they can disrupt the expression of that gene.

I wrote more about this drawing on my Patreon

Today's prompt is zoonotic, and it's been raining a lot here in San Francisco, so I decided to draw raining covid particles for today's drawing.

Today's prompt is 'Antibiotic'. I went with an abstraction of a pattern that will be very familiar to a few of my fans (in microbiology).

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