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"Today, it is crypto that is burning the art world – and not the other way around." interviewed about my ghostchain essay and burning creeptocurrency.


Day 4 prompt: "the next next Fidenza".

I decided to draw this one with my glass dipping pen, instead of coding.

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Today's drawing is answering two different challenges: my personal daily drawing, and the daily generative art challenge.

Regardless of technique, I'm happy with the result.

When I modify the code, just a bit, the results look more like an eclipse. Which is more in line with the Day 3 prompt: Space.

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Starting a new week of daily hand drawn generative art works: . Today, I'm playing with branching and particles. Finished drawing is now posted for my supporters on Patreon.

Kristin Henry
Day 3 prompt: Space

My mind drifts to nebulae. Some of them remind me of the iris of an eye. So, that's what I'm aiming for: patterns like the iris of an eye. I posted more on my Patreon

Day 2 of prompt: Dithering. Again, I varied a bit from the prompt and experimented with image color sampling with js and canvas.

The base image is my drawing I dedicated to Betty White.

Most of the rest of my contributions to , will be created with code. But for this first piece, I wanted the meditative practice of drawing with my glass dipping pen.

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It's Day 1 of ! The prompt is "Draw 10,000 of something". Well, I didn't draw quite that many, but I did draw an awful lot of ants with my glass dipping pen. More photos on my post:

Thinking about coral and networks for today's drawing. Here's an in-progress photo. I posted the finished drawing on my patreon:

I'm so sad to hear of Betty White's passing, and am dedicating today's drawing to her memory.

I just grateful that we got as much of her as we did.

Here comes the sun! We finally have some sunshine, here in San Francisco. Certainly good for the spirits.

Playing with one of my new inks for today's drawing:

finally posted my roundup of games that i played this year...
a love letter to tiny, experimental, abandoned, forgotten, unplayed, unplayable games
"Tiny indiegames and the joy of Very Small Things"
it's big with lots of recommendations.

Playing with another of my new inks for today's drawing: hand drawn generative art in ink on paper.

Wrapping up another week of daily hand drawn generative art, and playing with these gorgeous inks that were in my Christmas stocking, with today's drawing.

I love the way this magenta plays.

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