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It's been raining, here in San Francisco. So, I'm wrapping up this week of daily hand drawn generative art with some inky ants.

Thinking about sea stars, while working on today's drawing. At this mid-point, it also reminds me of spiderwebs.

Starting new posts for this week's daily drawings. Here's today's!

If you like to support artists on Patreon: And if you prefer Ko-Fi, you can find it here:

Drawing a comforting pattern for today's drawing...even drew a bigger one on good watercolor paper.

Posting today's drawing and then logging off....I just can't, with today's news.

I've been working on an update to my ongoing project. Thanks to a ton of new participants, I'm collecting more and more data! Here's a snapshot of how helpful recent participants have been. Keep it up!

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