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Wrapping up another week of daily hand drawn generative art, while playing with the prompt for today: "Schooling".

Here's the start of it.

Today's prompt is "Captive" an abstract way, my drawing for today is inspired by ants and cinnamon.

I jotted down some of my thoughts for my supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi:

OK, I gave in. At least my fee will support the efforts of others.

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It's , and today's prompt is "Survivor". My mind went to fossils, and then to Ammonites...and then I just started to play with the pattern.

Filled out the application, for infobeautyaward, but couldn't bring myself to pay the $50 fee.

Was going to enter my Data Meditations: An Abstract Koi Pond data+art installation piece. I know it's beautiful. That's enough.

The good part, though, was rediscovering how much I love this piece.

It's still a beautiful piece, and I'm happy that I created it.

Inspiration for today's drawing came from's post about lichen. My inks didn't work out well, but it was still relaxing to draw. Here's a work-in-progress sneak peek.

It's Monday, so it's time for new posts for my supporters on ko-fi and Patreon. I'll be posting this week's drawings there.

Here's an in-progress peak at today's drawing.

It will take a while for all of these to get to their destinations, and eventually into my visualization

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Visited a garden with these in them today. They're so cool!

They looks like they could be coral, and remind me of brains, but they are flowers.

These are doing so much better today. Relieved that they didn't get worse.

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The last time I was out here, I came home with Lyme I'm concerned about what this might be.

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I flagged image as "sensitive", because this bug bite looks alarming.

It doesn't have the bull's eye pattern of Lyme disease...but it's still alarming me.

Does anyone in the Connecticut area know what this is? And if I should see a doctor?

Today's drawing is inspired by the many mosquito bites that are currently torturing me.

Not only am I starting new posts, but also a new sketchbook. and

Splooters gonna sploot - I read Einstein's Fridge this month and had thermodynamics on my mind:
Post is here:

here is the 2nd-is law:

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