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More colorful imaginary ants for today's drawing, but with teal as the dominant color.

Starting a new week of drawings. These are hand drawn generative art. I decide on an algorithm before I start and run with it.

Today, I drew a colorful community of imaginary ants.

Wrapping up another week of daily hand drawn generative art. Felt like drawing some colorful imaginary ants for today's drawing.

They bug me in real life, but I enjoy drawing them.

Taking the ribbon pattern in a circular direction for today's drawing: hand drawn generative art. If you missed the evolution of this pattern, they're posted for my supporters:

Zooming in on a tangle for today's drawing.

More days than not, my daily drawings are actually hand drawn Generative Art. For my daily meditation, I decide on an algorithm and then draw it with a glass dipping pen.


Inspiration for today's drawing comes from the amazing work of twitter@Larkin and thinking about starfish in tidal pools.

Enthused by's talk that just ended with lots of insights and inspiration for design-oriented research:


If this interests you: Miriah is building a research group at and has postdoc & PhD positions!

In today's drawing I'm experimenting with something I've done in coded Generative art: recording the motifs as I draw them along side the drawing itself. Might need to play with this more.

Going with a simple branching fractal for today's drawing, and that wraps up another week of drawings. I'll be starting a new post for next week's drawings tomorrow.

Sassy Watermark says "Shhhhh. I'm thinking here".

Want to support my project, and get more stickers?

I've listed a set of stickers in my etsy shop. They're made from my hand drawn generative art inspired by Science and Nature

Do you see how atomic orbitals inspire some of my drawings? The inspiration is strong in today's drawing.

Thinking abstract synapses while working on today's drawing. Here's a work-in-progress photo, finished drawing is posted on my patreon.

Starting a new post for this week's drawings. It'll go public after the two-week patron preview.

Sassy Watermark is back!

Can anyone recommend a good text-to-speech engine I can use on Lineage OS?

The built-in one (presumably the stock Android one) is a bit grating.

Playing with color gradients in today's drawing.

I ran out of time to post yesterday's drawing, but it's now on my patreon.

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