Would anyone know where or how to find generative art based on NLP, or people doing such thing?


to expand a little: a designer friend would like to create artwork for magazine articles generatively, basing the resulting artwork on text characteristics.

@lars most of these are not in the 'generative' category - but still might find some inspiration browsing: pinboard.in/u:vlandham/t:texta

@vlandham there's some serious gold in that collection! brilliant stuff, like the punctuation piece for example. Totally couldn't see that from that rock I live under. Thanks a lot!

@lars sure! Hope it might be helpful! Also long ago Yannick and I worked on a text analysis and vis workshop. A compressed slide deck for that is here: vallandingham.me/textvis-talk/ - with vis at the back. Again, not much generative, but could still serve to get some pointers.

@vlandham Great stuff, of course! I guess the generative is less important than the artistic encoding of text features. Some great gems I didn't know about or have forgotten in there. Might have to wield some code (sentence drawings with arcs?). Thanks Jim!

@Oliver Ah yes! There's some great inspiration in there... Many thanks !

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