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“HTML/CSS drawing in the style of an 18th-century oil painting.” 😮 😭 👏

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Please take a moment and fill out the 2018 Data Visualization Survey:

Elijah Meeks did this last year, and provide lots of good insights and discussions around the data viz industry

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Work for free, play around usefully, give gifts to friends, ask for help when you need it, run infrastructure because it's cool, participate in organisations because they do good stuff.

Hey @serely. The idea is to 1) produce a text based analysis and 2) use result parameters of the analysis to determine features of the artwork.

The works of Nicholas Rougeux ( or Stefanie Posavec (however, clearly *not* computer generated but representing the idea: are great examples...

I'll probably collect my examples in a short post soon and will let you know once that's done.

@kristinHenry Very nice indeed! Really good to see it progressing as I remember seeing an earlier stage some time ago...

I'll be including your Color Stories of Poetry in my list as this will suit my friend's purpose nicely (feed text to an algorithm to produce an artistic visual representation). Awesome, Thanks!

@pettter @tomas erowidcoin just got a new follower. Lovely concept.

I'd be looking for mood/sentiment/ any text analysis to, I guess, artistic visual encoding. So in the course of chatting this through here, the question has widened.

I got sent to a few good resources, but don't hesitate to chuck more at me if things come to mind... Thanks Petter and Tomas!

@marco nice. Thanks! RNN’s could be a good starting point, maybe visualising differences between original and generated output...

@Oliver Ah yes! There's some great inspiration in there... Many thanks !

@vlandham Great stuff, of course! I guess the generative is less important than the artistic encoding of text features. Some great gems I didn't know about or have forgotten in there. Might have to wield some code (sentence drawings with arcs?). Thanks Jim!

@vlandham there's some serious gold in that collection! brilliant stuff, like the punctuation piece for example. Totally couldn't see that from that rock I live under. Thanks a lot!

to expand a little: a designer friend would like to create artwork for magazine articles generatively, basing the resulting artwork on text characteristics.

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Would anyone know where or how to find generative art based on NLP, or people doing such thing?

this one might make it into your 'explorable explanations' drawer: Really nicely taught...

Happy Birthday @Stephanie! Hope you had a day off...

@kristinHenry looks great! Image circles are difficult to pull off, I find. Your radial gradient background embeds the image rather nicely! I'll keep that in mind.... thanks for sharing!

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