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✊🔥 Monday morning action 🔥✊
Activists have shut down several of Energinets construction sites since 5:30AM today, delaying & disrupting construction of the #BalticPipe in Denmark!
More info and how to get involved with the campaign: balticpipe.net/en/

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was heißt zivil & ungehorsam? Brücken blocken ja - aber nicht für Krankenwagen!

#Oberbaumbrücke #RebelForLife #ExtinctionRebellion

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Arctic sea ice extent by far the lowest on record for this date, ‘beating’ 2016 by 357,000 km2. Number 3 and 4 lowest: 2018 and 2017...

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On the train to the EU Parliament, the Italian Senate, the Vatican and House of Parliament during the Easter holiday. And on Friday I’ll participate in the school strike in Rome. I know it’s a holiday but since the climate crisis doesn’t go on vacation nor will we.


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