Hello! I'm a designer & a grad student from Syracuse University. I'm working on my master's thesis (not related to dataviz) and learning d3. I wanted to be an engineer, then a product designer, and then a photographer. I have since settled on working to make information useful.

@lennymartinezd Hello, Lenny! I am a bachelor student in Computer Science and a design enthusiast! I am just getting into data vis. What would you recommend me for my first steps? I am currently thinking of trying The Coding Train's youtube sessions for P3.

Would love to see some examples of your own work!

@vanntile I've been working through "Interactive Data Visualization for the Web" by @scott and it's a great way to learn by walking through everything step by step. As an undergrad I worked a lot in MATLAB to make charts/plots for classes, but when I started doing more datavis, I began with processing after seeing some of nicholas felton's work and his classes on skillshare.

@vanntile But! there are also other tools. Alberto Cairo has a good section about tools on his website: Full disclosure: I have yet to try working with them.

@lennymartinezd @scott yes, I am familiar with .m too, but I am more on the web side, so I'm probably gonna check your suggestions out.

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