What are your favorite tiny tools when working with data?

Here are three examples:
ucbvislab.github.io/d3-deconst to get the data out of d3 visualizations
shancarter.github.io/mr-data-c convert CSV to JSON
countries.zeto.io input country name, output country codes (by @zeto@twitter.com)

🤑 Weekly Chart! For the Datawrapper blog I wrote a thing about global warming, capitalism, and log scales. blog.datawrapper.de/weekly-cha

🎉🎉🎉 I'm super happy to introduce you to my new website: lisacharlotterost.de/

→ all the talks I've given
→ all articles I've written (incl. the best @Datawrapper@twitter.com ones!)
→ some I designed

Here I explain why & how I built it: lisacharlotterost.de/newsite

Until the end of August, the @datavisclub@twitter.com will work through "Observe, Collect, Draw!" by @stefpos@twitter.com & @giorgialupi@twitter.com. I wrote about why you should join us here: blog.datawrapper.de/datavis-bo

I thought it's fun to document my process in the following tweets:

I built a Datawrapper chart that doesn't look like a Datawrapper chart anymore 🤔

This is also the last Weekly Chart that I wrote...weekly. Starting next week, all of us start charting & writing. I explain the reasons here: blog.datawrapper.de/weekly-cha


Hi! Do you want to work with me every single day? (Well, 4 days a week.) Do you want to live in a world in which more people create beautiful charts? Do you like improving metrics, testing, and writing about ?


I just came home after two weeks of vacation – and immediately had the pleasure to read two great @Datawrapper@twitter.com Weekly Charts by @sjockers@twitter.com & @sto3psl@twitter.com:

Week 1: blog.datawrapper.de/weekly-cha
Week 2: blog.datawrapper.de/weekly-cha

Makes me so happy to read them. Thank you, Simon and Fabian!

After more than a year (!), I finally wrote another episode of the "What to consider..."-series. This time I talk about the do's and don'ts of using tables within articles: blog.datawrapper.de/tables/

Arrow plots with tooltips 😍 I think the visual design could be a bit better executed (colors, typo, symbols), but I'm in love with the idea. By @NatGeo@twitter.com, via @flowingdata@twitter.com: nationalgeographic.com/foodfea

A beautiful venue, inspiring talks, awesome sketchnotes (thank you, @apilapepita@twitter.com!), meeting lots of new people – what a great, great @vizknowledge@twitter.com conference 2019 here in Finland! Thanks for having me, and thanks for the flawless organization.

Happening right now: A discussion about "Factfulness", hosted by @vizowl@twitter.com. With lots of awesome opinions. Watch or participate here: notes.datawrapper.de/p/bookclu

Right now in the @datavisclub@twitter.com: We discuss @HansRosling@twitter.com's "Factfulness" and got joined by @jasperheeffer@twitter.com from @Gapminder@twitter.com, who asks us an important question.

If you have answers & ideas, come here: notes.datawrapper.de/p/bookclu

Even if you don't speak German, have a look at that beauty by @zeitonline@twitter.com: zeit.de/politik/deutschland/20

It has everything:
😍 animated maps with annotation
😍 small multiples
😍 zoomed in line charts
😍 beautiful dot circles

The best interactive story I've seen lately.

I had some fun looking for examples of callout lines in news graphics for a new post: blog.datawrapper.de/locatormap Thanks to @nytgraphics@twitter.com, @ReutersGraphics@twitter.com, @washingtonpost@twitter.com graphics team and especially @BBGVisualData@twitter.com for using so many great swoopy & straight lines pointing to things!

That was a fun chart to make in @Datawrapper@twitter.com! (Kudos to @rcbregman@twitter.com's book for the original.) blog.datawrapper.de/weeklychar

Two great hackathons are happening this weekend in Germany:
– Berlin: Join me in using elections data to better inform voters: datengui.de/en/wahlsalon / by @datenguide@twitter.com & @codeforbe@twitter.com
– Munich: Design data from cultural institutions: xing.com/events/coding-vinci-s by @codingdavinci@twitter.com

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