Big announcement: I have a new job! Monday is my first day at Datawrapper, where I will help to make even better data vis tools. 🙌

Our frontend developer built the most beautiful small multiple pie & donut charts:

I truly like the series by It shows how often we feel like we need to put ourselves in boxes, to feel like we make "sense". And that it's really not necessary to do so.

Hi Data viz peeps!
@lisacrost is doing a data viz book club, the last round was pretty fun and maybe some of you would like to join 😁
If you want to read more about it check out this post!

I think @lisacrost may have my dream job. She answers the most pressing questions, like what colors should I use to encode gender?

Just discovered a secret @lisacrost Tumblr filled with an insane amount of sin/cos artwork 💯

Under the sun

There's one spot in the world right now,
where the sun is exactly overhead,
and it's this one:

Apply for the Information+ conference diversity scholarship by July 10:

Here's my (delayed) latest monthly round-up of the best data visualisation stuff found during January (posted image, work by @smallmultiples)

I've been thinking a lot about transitions in D3/dataviz recently and decided to put my thoughts down in a visual essay (using Observable): I'm interested to hear what you think because I'm planning to give this as a talk at an upcoming meetup. Thanks!

I released a new post for Planet—side views of the most vertical places on Earth, via satellite. It was incredibly rewarding putting these together after scoping them out in Google Earth and imagining how they’d look. In my opinion the angle makes them look more real than most pics from space.

@lisacrost heres the shortest route connecting them all

Drawing lines between the centroids of almost all US states.
(It's a small part of a bigger project I've been working on today.)

sneak preview of new blog post I've been working on. Join me for an introduction to Altair - a new(ish) python package for declarative interactive data visualization!

done in my traditional far-to-wordy rambling style.

But I am really excited about using Altair, and hopefully you will be too after reading 1/3rd this post before giving up and just reading the Altair docs! call for proposals. 2016 was fantastic. 2018 will be equally stellar, if the quality of the website is any indication. :) (Always judge a conference by its website UX.)

Hey everyone! Stefanie Posavec and I are offering two full-day data visualization workshops in June! One in Chicago and the other in DC. Check it out:

@gka and I want to convince you to never use diverging stacked bars ever again (with or without neutrals). We wonder what you think about our arguments:


Hi all, i'm a research professor at FH Potsdam, which means i run courses and projects on data visualization, in particular in the context of changing cities and cultural collections.

More infos:

Two quick plugs:
- we have an open position: (apply by 5 March)
- Information+ conference is coming to Potsdam: 19-21 October 2018. more infos soon:

In case you're interested how the auto-detection of colorblind issues in Datawrapper works, I wrote it all down in an interactive blog post

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