While I was hosting the @datavisclub@twitter.com yesterday, my coworker @rosemintzers@twitter.com published the latest Data Vis Dispatch we put together – with incredible graphics by @flowingdata@twitter.com, @correctiv_org@twitter.com, @nytgraphics@twitter.com, and others. Have a look: blog.datawrapper.de/data-vis-d

🚨 Work with us: We're looking for a developer who implements backend functionality that will get used by thousands of journalists, editors, and authors worldwide.
DM me if you have any questions about working at @Datawrapper@twitter.com! (Spoiler: It's great.) blog.datawrapper.de/datawrappe

Another week, another Data Vis Dispatch! It's the sixth one already that @rosemintzers@twitter.com and I put together, full with inspiration.

The main topics you all have visualized this week: Olympics and the heat. Have a look: blog.datawrapper.de/data-vis-d

New blog post! Your doesn't always need to be fancy. If you're creating good, simple charts, you should be proud of yourself. Here's why: blog.datawrapper.de/in-defense

What a week! So many of you created amazing big and small visualizations – about vaccinations, the flood in Europe, German polls, sports, urbanization, and more.
@rosemintzers@twitter.com and I collected them in our biggest Data Vis Dispatch yet: blog.datawrapper.de/data-vis-d

We just published our third Data Vis Dispatch with >20 of the best small and big projects from last week: blog.datawrapper.de/data-vis-d

Thanks to @rosemintzers@twitter.com for finding most of these gems, and thanks to newsrooms and individuals around the world for creating them! 👏👏👏

I'm excited about this one: From today on, @rosemintzers@twitter.com and I will publish a collection of the most beautiful (news) we can find. Every Tuesday.
Here's the first edition: blog.datawrapper.de/data-vis-d

If you're interested in in journalism, here are three active communities to join:
👉 the new @datajournalism@twitter.com Discord (buff.ly/3cWFIUS)
👉 @newsnerdery@twitter.com Slack (newsnerdery.org/)
👉 German: @nrecherche@twitter.com IG Datenjournalismus Slack (netzwerkrecherche.org/ueber-un)

My face is on YouTube! For @Datawrapper@twitter.com, I started to record video tutorials: youtube.com/channel/UCGRdsZb9Y

👉 The great sound logo is by the one and only @JonathanMuth@twitter.com
👉 And the intro by our 🤩 designer @newreld@twitter.com

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We're hiring – again! Join us if you want to
👉 help data journalists at e.g. @FiveThirtyEight@twitter.com, @latimes@twitter.com, @qz@twitter.com, @axios@twitter.com to get their job done
👉 work together with great people, especially with the super-smart @ElanaEllesce@twitter.com
👉 enjoy flexible work hours

Data Sketches really is a *big* book – and what an achievement, @NadiehBremer@twitter.com & @sxywu@twitter.com!

Thank you for the hundreds (thousands?) of hours you put into the @datasketches@twitter.com projects & the book itself, so that we can enjoy it. I'm looking forward to discussing it in the @datavisclub@twitter.com!

I'm excited to finally share with you a four-part blog post series I've been working on in the last few months.

They all answer one question:
Which color scale should you use for which data?

Part 1 gives the overview I always wished I could link to:

What a great weekend to apply to this job at @Datawrapper@twitter.com!(We'll have a first look at the applications on Tuesday.)

Here's what you'll work on and why you should consider working for us: blog.datawrapper.de/datawrappe

Yesterday we had our 10th (10th! 🎉) book club discussion at the Data Vis Book Club (@datavisclub@twitter.com). That was fun – thanks to everyone who joined!

You want to participate next time? Help us decide which book we should discuss: forms.gle/aCK441XQX1g84mHm7

Come work with me! We're looking for a writer (remote/Berlin) who helps people make the most out of @Datawrapper@twitter.com.

Be surrounded by fans, get an education budget and a great work-life balance.

Any questions? My DMs are open.

Last Sunday, I posted a data vis crossword puzzle – and I just published the solution.

👉I explain every one of the 60 clues,
👉tell you who won,
👉and talk about how I think that whole crossword adventure went.


I designed a – wait for it –  crossword puzzle this weekend! (Yes, I can't believe it myself.)

I'll send the winner a data vis book of their choice. But I hope it's fun even if you're not in for the price! Here's how to solve it:

I wrote the @Datawrapper@twitter.com Weekly Chart today, inspired by wcd.fyi/features/senate-genera (first pic; I learned about it thanks to @flowingdata@twitter.com).

Its author said it's unfun to calculate median ages for each congress. So I did exactly that: blog.datawrapper.de/age-of-us-

What's your favorite Flash ? (....we should take a video/screenshot of now before it's too late?)

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