Visual data journalist describes a day of working for The Economist in their newsletter Off the Charts – and it's fascinating:
Now I want to read the "typical days" of all good data vis designers out there.

Hi! I'm considering writing a book that helps people (like you?) create beautiful, easy-to-read .
What do you struggle with? What would be useful to read? Let me know so that I can make the book better for everyone. Here are nine questions I have:

I'd like to read & discuss a book by Colin Ware in the with y'all next. Which one should I choose?
1️⃣ the more famous "Information Visualization – Perception for Design, 4th edition (2019)"
2️⃣ the shorter "Visual Thinking for Information Design, 2nd edition (2021)"

For this week's Weekly Chart, I built a little to show weekly temperature ranges in Berlin. That was fun! Find the full how-to (incl. video) here:

We published a new Data Vis Dispatch yesterday! It's our weekly collection of the best of small and big . Have a look:

In the thread 🧵below, I show screenshots of the four visualization-heavy articles that impressed me the most this week:

Different extrapolations by German media ARD and ZDF during the past two hours.

▶︎ all parties: – the Greens have lost a few points.
▶︎ just SPD and CDU: – still close between them!


Different extrapolations by German media ARD and ZDF during the past two hours.

▶︎ all parties: –  the Greens have lost a few points.
▶︎ just SPD and CDU: – still close between them!


Just updated my portfolio and added lots of visualizations I built in the past 3.5 years, with links to the original articles. (I'm especially happy with the "tooltip charts" I created in the past years!). Find them all here:

In case you missed it: Our Data Vis Dispatch from yesterday shows the best of big and small from the past week. Thanks to all the creators! Especially packed this week: Our "What else we found interesting" section. Have a look:

New: My first Weekly Chart as Lisa Charlotte Muth! It's...
👉 a refresher on German politics of last 30 years
👉 a collection of odd-looking charts
👉 an analysis of which German party is the luckiest one

Have a look:

Public service announcement: I got married! To And I decided to take on his last name: Muth. It's pronounced "moot".

So I'm not (Lisa Charlotte Rost) anymore, but (Sorry for all the dead links!)

Here's more:

New Data Vis Dispatch! Once again we collected the best of last week’s big and small :

This week, and I focused on the IPCC climate report – and the attempts of lots of newsrooms to rebuilt their charts. Let's compare them! 🧵

While I was hosting the yesterday, my coworker published the latest Data Vis Dispatch we put together – with incredible graphics by,,, and others. Have a look:

🚨 Work with us: We're looking for a developer who implements backend functionality that will get used by thousands of journalists, editors, and authors worldwide.
DM me if you have any questions about working at! (Spoiler: It's great.)

Another week, another Data Vis Dispatch! It's the sixth one already that and I put together, full with inspiration.

The main topics you all have visualized this week: Olympics and the heat. Have a look:

New blog post! Your doesn't always need to be fancy. If you're creating good, simple charts, you should be proud of yourself. Here's why:

What a week! So many of you created amazing big and small visualizations – about vaccinations, the flood in Europe, German polls, sports, urbanization, and more. and I collected them in our biggest Data Vis Dispatch yet:

We just published our third Data Vis Dispatch with >20 of the best small and big projects from last week:

Thanks to for finding most of these gems, and thanks to newsrooms and individuals around the world for creating them! 👏👏👏

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