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We're happy to finally announce a new meetup here in Berlin. Join us for an evening with the great to talk about historical !

For the next session of our Data Vis Book Club (, we want to read 5-8 of the most important & open access papers for practitioners who communicate data. Any suggestions? cc

I prepared 240 slides of training material for you all, incl. detailed speaker notes, in case you want to teach Datawrapper – or learn how to use it! (Thanks,, for going through all of them and correcting them. You saved me a lot of work.)

I want to improve my writing.

Who of you can recommend freelance editors who could go through English articles I've written, together with me? I'm interested in feedback on structure, understandability, wording, these things. Preferably in Berlin, but Skype works, too. Thanks!

Thanks to – who has worked on our API for the past few months – and, I finally understand what an API does! (Or at least what the Datawrapper API does.)

So I'm a bit proud of this visual explanation in our announcement blog post:

I have a great time at (Beyond Tellerrand:

Talks for web designers that show almost no code, but ponder on communities, empathy, mental models, sculptures. It really goes beyond. I'd love to visit more conferences with this concept.

20 days left to support!

If you don't know this excellent tool yet: You'll make better with it. Try it out:

If you know RAW already: You know you've made better data viz thanks to it. So give them some money:

A few days ago, my coworker told me that you can MOVE the screenshot selection – Command+Shift+4 – when you keep SPACE pressed on a Mac. I'm still blown away by that.

New article! I wrote down the Excel techniques & formulas I use the most to clean up data sets (so that I can use them for ). Which techniques are you using all the time? Which ones did I miss? Which ones should I add?

Who wants to become my coworker? We're twelve people who help the world create better . You could be one of us:

What are your favorite tiny tools when working with data?

Here are three examples: to get the data out of d3 visualizations convert CSV to JSON input country name, output country codes (by

🤑 Weekly Chart! For the Datawrapper blog I wrote a thing about global warming, capitalism, and log scales.

🎉🎉🎉 I'm super happy to introduce you to my new website:

→ all the talks I've given
→ all articles I've written (incl. the best ones!)
→ some I designed

Here I explain why & how I built it:

Until the end of August, the will work through "Observe, Collect, Draw!" by & I wrote about why you should join us here:

I thought it's fun to document my process in the following tweets:

I built a Datawrapper chart that doesn't look like a Datawrapper chart anymore 🤔

This is also the last Weekly Chart that I wrote...weekly. Starting next week, all of us start charting & writing. I explain the reasons here:


Hi! Do you want to work with me every single day? (Well, 4 days a week.) Do you want to live in a world in which more people create beautiful charts? Do you like improving metrics, testing, and writing about ?


I just came home after two weeks of vacation – and immediately had the pleasure to read two great Weekly Charts by &

Week 1:
Week 2:

Makes me so happy to read them. Thank you, Simon and Fabian!

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