Haha someone tried to convince me today that ants smell really bad 🤣😂 Nice try

Ujeah doing a bit of webdesign on Xmas. Life is sweet

Do we have some interesting already here on Mastodon? On Twitter they contribute much of the most wonderful, miraculous and pleasing content.

I tried to put content warning "statistics" to the post, but apparently failed. Learning the Mastodon ropes still

Seasons readings (finished O'Neil's Weapons of Math Destruction already).

I also want this book to be over... I'm tied of it 😑. Soon...

One more, this is the last one... also last one of this book. I'm reading O'Neil's _Weapons of Math Destruction_

Read one more chapter, or go to bed? I'll read one more 📙

Ok I am convinced. Looks nice, and pushed onwards what Jupyter Notebooks do. Jo Wood at OpenVis: "Why Not How! Telling Visualization Design Stories" youtu.be/pMHmQX3TZ8A and the litvis system github.com/gicentre/litvis. Well done

Erm yeah hello Mastodon. New to this


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