Reading Tony Veale's and Mike Cook's "Twitterbots. Making Machines that Make Meaning" in park

Haha someone tried to convince me today that ants smell really bad 🤣😂 Nice try

Ujeah doing a bit of webdesign on Xmas. Life is sweet

Do we have some interesting already here on Mastodon? On Twitter they contribute much of the most wonderful, miraculous and pleasing content.

I tried to put content warning "statistics" to the post, but apparently failed. Learning the Mastodon ropes still

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Seasons readings (finished O'Neil's Weapons of Math Destruction already).

I also want this book to be over... I'm tied of it 😑. Soon...

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One more, this is the last one... also last one of this book. I'm reading O'Neil's _Weapons of Math Destruction_

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Read one more chapter, or go to bed? I'll read one more 📙

Ok I am convinced. Looks nice, and pushed onwards what Jupyter Notebooks do. Jo Wood at OpenVis: "Why Not How! Telling Visualization Design Stories" and the litvis system Well done

Erm yeah hello Mastodon. New to this is an open social platform for creative people, especially anyone in sciArt, data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research. English is the common language of the instance.