The economist "visualizing" data in a podcast using sounds, really interesting:

New version of a prototype to query tabular data by example.

Demo using football matches and sales data from CSV files.

Try it yourself at

Early prototype of querying tabular data by example using football matches as sample data.

spam accounts in the local timeline seems to be a thing now :/

Overview of operations available for Spreadsheets and Table data types.

New instadeq feature, "change time travel" (undo).

Slide through changes and see how they behave on current data.

It can be combined with tracing and input time travel to see how it behaves on previous data.

Any entry can be recovered and used as current.

@nailpolishbot thank you for making me learn how to block in mastadon

Updated feature tour and workspace tour

Take a look and let me know how to make it better!

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