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Mariano Guerra

Updated feature tour and workspace tour

Take a look and let me know how to make it better!

How to create a Twitter visualization that requires to manipulate incoming data

Is there any commercial device where the UI allows to drag more than one thing at the same time?

How do you signal in the UI that a think is both draggable and clickable?

Excellent data vis color picker:

Specify start and end colors, let it do the math.

Instadeq progress report: now Excel and CSV data can be manipulated the same way native data types can.

Finished the unification of Excel, CSV and JSON handling on instadeq!

Just replaced a <select> with a list of clickable items, since the list of options will never go above 8 and that screen had only that select element at that stage.

Do you know of interesting open data to use for visualization examples?

csv, xls or json would work

my solution to the touch tooltip/more info thing:

I add data-ui-action="<id>" to elements I want to attach extra info. when the info icon is selected I do querySelectorAll('[data-ui-action]') and with getBoundingClientRect I overlay a glowing box to all visible actions with a click handler that calls a callback with the action id, there I can show a popover or open the documentation for that action :)

Some of you may find this interesting:

"Data Pitch is a EU-funded open innovation programme bringing together corporate and public-sector organisations that have data with startups and SMEs that work with data."

Just finished doing Instadeq's overview video:

Feedback more than welcome 🙂

@DominikHaas I used this: - which isn't great, but is functional. I'm sure there are probably better options...

when you finished drawing the question mark but before hitting the dot, you get an ('more-info-pre') event so you can highlight things that are "more-info aware"