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i love this program. just wanted to share that with everyone.

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I wanted to like it a lot more than I did, but I never had a compelling reason to spend time with it other than as a Firefox backup.

@chad trying to set up a blog connection. i'm following the blog with my own account, but how to make it public so that new posts show up in the feed? still figuring this stuff out.

just a silly in . good for those rough days when you need reminding to look on the bright side of life

exploring in . just simple shapes and a few . this is what i used to look like when i was an old man. thankfully i'm younger now and have my hair back.

quick in . used to make a button to pin to my backpack. i'm an unashamed addict!

have been playing with quite a bit lately. this was a fun exploration illustrating mid-century modern stuff

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"If you try to make something beautiful, it is often ugly. If you try to make something useful, it is often beautiful" - Oscar Wilde

Applicable to modern day web design. #webdesign #quotes #design #ui #ux

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I decided to colour this sketch of Valandus’ cat form because figuring out how to shade a black animal seemed like a fun idea for some reason. It was and I had a million pics of black cats and jaguars as reference which was also nice :D ✨

#art #mastoart #worldofwarcraft #digitalart #spacelingart #lididkovsky

guy here. i'm an artist and designer. i also teach and . i love both and . lately i'm loving and doing , especially with

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