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moritz @moritz

Heading home from , which was really, really good! Hard to identify a common theme or thread but a great summary of what’s going on right now.

My highlights: Shan Carter’s talk on sci comm /, @maarten ‘s talk on xerographics, Aaron Williams on mapping segregation in the US.. lots of good for thought.

Also interesting that the big themes of the last years: storytelling and physical/analogue viz were not really discussed (or selected by the committee).

@moritz @maarten would it be that the concept of data "storytelling", while not 100% resolved, has been discussed a lot within the last year, and there are better descriptions of what it is and isn't?

@moritz @maarten i feel the discussion landed somewhere on i the concept being is less about having a "beginning/middle/end", and more about adding the personal elements and the "so what".

@tomshanleynz @maarten Just realized Benjamin Bach mentioned some physical viz in his AR talk.

@tomshanleynz @maarten So it's only storytelling that is officially dead and / or self-evident. 😬