Oh, hey, been a while. Who else is at information+?

Just pitched vis.social to the seattle data vis jam sessions meetup group (in person, not online). Hopefully a few will join us!

Twitter *doesn’t* tell you the gender balance of the people *you* follow. But this brilliant person wrote some code to estimate just that. And the good news is I follow only slightly more (estimated) men than women or nonbinary folks. This estimate is also slightly more optimistic about my own followers, placing them at only 75% male, not 80%.

Try for yourself: proporti.onl

Why does this 'timeline' have such a gender skew that is not representative of the Data Viz community? I will do the labor of asking the question, but you dudes need to do the rest. If it's not fixed, or at least addressed in some way, I will not participate or promote at all. Figure it out. And let me know.

Erk. Considering a role with a manager who's a close personal friend of Tufte. Awkward...


Hi all, i'm a research professor at FH Potsdam, which means i run courses and projects on data visualization, in particular in the context of changing cities and cultural collections.

More infos:
- uclab.fh-potsdam.de
- urbane-zukunft.de
- interface.fh-potsdam.de

Two quick plugs:
- we have an open position:
fh-potsdam.de/fileadmin/user_d (apply by 5 March)
- Information+ conference is coming to Potsdam: 19-21 October 2018. more infos soon: informationplusconference.com/

Just replaced a <select> with a list of clickable items, since the list of options will never go above 8 and that screen had only that select element at that stage.

The Washington Post's Graphics Department is hiring for several positions: washingtonpost.com/wp-stat/gra

If you have any questions about the jobs, environment or necessary skills, feel free to ask!

In case you're interested how the auto-detection of colorblind issues in Datawrapper works, I wrote it all down in an interactive blog post vis4.net/blog/2018/02/automate vis.social/media/JoiAHRvIu0Bvx vis.social/media/Jv8iNeTpJVhIj

@noahi I really like this colorpicker because it shows you the full HCL color spectrum available to choose from and gives you visually equidistant colors: tristen.ca/hcl-picker/

@dej611 @noahi I also made this little helper gka.github.io/palettes

ohhh, I should add color blindness checking to that tool 🤓

Wow, lots of great responses, which I'll retoot now.

Vis people: what's the newer than Colorbrewer color palette generator? I've seen it but can't remember the name.

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