is Twitter increasing ad frequency for anyone else? almost every 4th tweet is a promoted one on the latest tweets timeline of the iOS app. maybe an attempt to demonstrate what one would be missing on Mastodon?

@nrchtct I can confirm this. Soon Mastodon will completely replace Twitter for me. 🙃

@fomm yes, let’s make it obsolete! we just need to do a little more convincing :)

@nrchtct I block immediately on payed tweets. But I also see kind of waves of ad tweets getting more intense the last weeks. Perhaps the ad businesses are getting higher budgets from their customers, when everything and everyone opens again as if COVID was over.

@nrchtct I periodically see massive increase in every 4th tweet. But I haven't been paying enough attention to tell if this session is different.

@nrchtct I haven’t ever seen an ad on Twitter but that’s because I use Tweetbot (iOS). The third party clients give a much better experience but don’t have all the fancy new features (polls, etc).

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