one practial challenge for twitter users willing to migrate is to find the mastodon handles of their twitter peeps. using name fields on twitter to signal alteregos on the fediverse is simple enough and it slightly resembles the introduction of @'s and #'s for mentions and hashtags on early twitter. are there any other suggested conventions one should think of when trying to wean onself from twitter?

@nrchtct I'd be fine if people just tweeted out "I've moved to Mastodon at: <URL>". Then I can use a Twitter search restricted to people I follow.

@nrchtct There was once a bridge that helped people find other twitter migrants but it seems it died due to API changes/restrictions.

@entreprecariat recently had some good advice for noobz:

I would say, a good timeline, like a nice garden, takes some time, care and patience. But if you keep at it, it will eventually turn out very pleasant.

@nrchtct I've been posting my account here on twitter occasionally.

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