hi folks, what open-source photo archive systems (as in digital assets management) can you recommend for
✅ cataloguing by multiple people
✅ via a web browser
✅ with some controlled vocab support?
has anyone successfully used Omeka for this? any opinions appreciated

@nrchtct I once set up Omeka+MinIO for this. I added modules for Object storage and IIIF as well as some of the more common ones(Bulk edit, etc).

@abbe98 interesting! how did it work out for the project? do you have some documentation? is there a public facing website? thank you

@nrchtct The setup runs on a local network(it replaced a local file-server with filenames matching identifiers in a CMS). Everyone likes it although the bar wasn't set very high, discovery being the most wanted feature.

As usually few users learn things like bulk editing but the ones who did are rather productive.

@nrchtct From a technical perspective, it runs really nicely with minimal maintenance. Initially, a patch or two was needed to make modules compatible.

MinIO is great as it has all of the tooling of S3-compatible APIs.

I ended up finishing the development with an urge to continue it and add things like color/feature extraction and indexing. I would definitively go down the same route next time.

@abbe98 that sounds very encouraging. thanks for sharing, Albin!

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