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Marian Dörk @nrchtct

i'm increasingly concerned about tracking, but appreciate staying logged in with some services. does anybody know a way to shield cookies from tabs for Twitter or Google from my regular web behavior? don't want to go all incognito, cuz i like my browser history…

@nrchtct would something like Privacy Badger do the trick? I think it’s available for all browsers and is focused on preventing non-consensual user tracking by third parties

@darth_mall this looks good. i will give this a try!

@gfrogat this looks actually quite like i imagined it, now i only have to get off of Chrome… thank you!

@nrchtct I bet @eff would have good suggestions. Tracking if not limited to cookies either, unfortunately (delicious as they may be).

@scott yes, @darth_mall's suggestion (Privacy Badger) is a project by @eff. thank you!