RT 20 days left to submit abstracts for paper presentations and lightning talks in Potsdam October 19–21 alongside amazing keynote speakers!

@nrchtct some info I did not find on the website: will you cover registration and accommodation for speakers? And how much will tickets cost?

@moritz We’re about to add info on registration fees. Speakers will be eligible to get a reduced rate, but we’re not able to cover accommodation.

@nrchtct ok thanks! Coming from a world where I usually get paid to speak, and travel and accommodation is the absolute minimum, this academic way of doing conferences is still kind of weird to me.

@nrchtct “We are doing this rock festival! Bands can apply and if they are chosen to play, get a discount on the entrance fee!” <- seems ridiculous, no?

@moritz i get your point, but i guess academic conferences operate on a different basis. for me it's about fostering and progressing an interdisciplinary community. we run infoplus on a fully nonprofit basis, everything is self-organized, and about 20% of the attendees will be speakers. we're trying to keep fees low and with reduced registration fees (for students and presenters) and the diversity scholarships we have some measures in place to keep the conference as accessible as possible.

@moritz by the way, we have just put some preliminary information on registration and fees on the website:

@nrchtct great work on the diversity scholarship, love that! In terms of budget - can you give me a rough breakdown where the money goes? (If a substantial amount goes to the scientific publisher, I am not sure I‘d call it non-profit 😜)

@moritz the budget is still work in progress, but none of it goes to a scientific publisher. at the moment, we roughly allocate a third of registration revenue to food, a third to travel support for keynote speakers and scholarships, and a third to everything else (exhibition, video recordings, printed material, wayfinding, etc).

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