RT @infobeautyaward@twitter.com: SILVER WINNER: Arts, Entertainment & Culture - Coins reflect everyday lives, momentous events, and history long past. bit.ly/2quIqIg @flaviogortana@twitter.com @fvont@twitter.com @ElaGuhlmann@twitter.com @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com

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RT @infobeautyaward@twitter.com SILVER WINNER - Arts, Entertainment & Culture: Coins - A Journey Through A Rich Cultural Collection by @flaviogortana@twitter.com @fvont@twitter.com @ElaGuhlmann@twitter.com @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com bit.ly/2zw5w6a

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today is meeting up at @GropiusBau@twitter.com and sitting down in the cinema with our partner network to share progress, discuss current questions, and plan next steps.

RT @NadiehBremer@twitter.com: NEW WORK 🎉I've had the pleasure to work with to visualize the connections that exist between our Intangible Cultural Heritage. Here's the 1st visual: hover, zoom, click & more to discover how everything is connected to each other! ich.unesco.org/dive/constellat

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Henning M Lederer (who is also behind the animated version of Fritz Kahn’s Mensch als Industriepalast) made these book cover classics come alive
RT @aeonmag@twitter.com What would these book covers from the past look like when set in motion? Aeon Video: aeon.co/videos/vintage-book-co

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The System by @srendgen@twitter.com has just arrived and it's such a feat!

150+ years later these maps and diagrams can teach us quite a few lessons on care for detail and the elegant integration of multiple dimensions. Thank you, Sandra, for compiling this tremendous treasure!

in her inaugural lecture »Building Knowledge - Building Community«, @AnupamaKundoo@twitter.com speaks about rapid and informal urbanization and vernacular architecture, and proposes a radically new kind of knowledge to face demographic challenges.

/cc @Urbane_Zukunft@twitter.com

RT @tillnm@twitter.com: Urban Hacking in Mannheim highlighting how the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution destroyed files connected to the NSU.

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RT @markiaaan@twitter.com: Today Anna Busch @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com & me @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com presented our joint research (+@peertrilcke @nrchtct@twitter.com @vik_bru@twitter.com ) in Zürich @ETH@twitter.com. We gave a first preview of our »scrolly« prototype, visualizing Reading Traces inside Fontane’s reference library

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so grateful for inputs from data/issue partners of »Mapping Cities – Making Cities« seminar: on Tuesday @plateauton@twitter.com & @_davidmeidinger@twitter.com talked about on bike safety and rental data, and @BennoBock@twitter.com shared research on in routing apps!

RT @peertrilcke@twitter.com: Auf dem Weg zur Tagung @ETH@twitter.com über Autorenbibliotheken. Für das @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com präsentieren Anna Busch & @markiaaan@twitter.com (@FHPotsdam) unser Projekt zu Handbibliothek. @nrchtct@twitter.com @vik_bru@twitter.com


Bild: Fontanes Exemplar der «Grafschaft Ruppin«

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RT @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com: the Image Factories exhibition by @DNB_Aktuelles@twitter.com remains open for one more month at @FHPotsdam@twitter.com: Mon-Fri, 11am-4pm.


Come by to see early infographics from Vienna & Berlin and an animated version of Fritz Kahn's Man as Industrial Palace by Henning Lederer

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remembering the Night of Broken Glass (Reichsprogromnacht) that happened 80 years ago - foreshadowing the dark years that followed. unfortunately more relevant than ever!

RT @Kantar@twitter.com: SHORTLISTED: So much history in one small object. Explore the stunning collection at the . (Credit to Marian Dörk, Flavio Gortana & team at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam) @infobeautyaward@twitter.com ow.ly/aXUm30muT7D

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RT @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com: explore this growing aggregation of numismatic collections held by German universities in the COINS visualization: visualize.numid.online 💰

if you're curious about the strange arrangements, read our paper: olh.openlibhums.org/articles/1 📃


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RT @jschwabish@twitter.com All-star lineup with @jburnmurdoch@twitter.com, @visualisingdata@twitter.com, and @wiederkehra@twitter.com to chat about the @InfoPlusConf@twitter.com in a special episode of | policyviz.com/podcast/episode-

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nice turnout to the casual through Neuköln, Berlin.

@seb_meier@twitter.com is telling us about social contrasts and new uses of blacksmith workshops, breweries, and warehouses.

next stop: - a defunct airfield


RT @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com: earlier at , Florian Windhager and @kaglinka@twitter.com presented our survey paper on visualizing cultural heritage collection data – a collaboration between @donau_uni@twitter.com @tuvienna@twitter.com @fhpotsdam@twitter.com @museum4punkt0@twitter.com

Read: uclab.fh-potsdam.de/wp/wp-cont
Browse: ieg.ifs.tuwien.ac.at/~federico


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anybody at enjoying cycling, but not prepared for 100km ride on Saturday? join @seb_meier@twitter.com and me Friday 3pm in front of Estrel for a casual post-conference bike ride through Berlin. The weather is looking dry so far…



now @HeikeOtten_@twitter.com & @len_hil@twitter.com are presenting shifted-maps.com - a hybrid visualization technique for personal movement data that blends network and map representations inspired by situationist psychography


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