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We have a great visual addition to our lab! A huge, self made butterfly world map now occupies a central space on our wall!

Find out more about the concept, design, and production:


Thanks to @borism@twitter.com and @fabianehmel@twitter.com for this new world view!

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spending the morning at @CIJBerlin@twitter.com with 30 design students from @FHPotsdam@twitter.com to learn from @EmiliaZenzile@twitter.com about intersectional feminism and brainstorm ideas for visual data essays.

part of an exciting project course on Feminist Scrollytelling i'm co-teaching with Franziska Morlok

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We are happy to announce our this year's for the workshop @ieeevis@twitter.com in Vancouver. Deadline is 2019/6/15

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Save the Date! We are excited to open Cian Dayrit's first solo show in Europe on 26 April: "Beyond the God’s Eye".

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So many great projects at this workshop on connecting museum data: yesterday, @nrchtct@twitter.com's stunning "visualizing digital collections" projects (uclab.fh-potsdam.de/vikus/); today, @metalabharvard@twitter.com's, and particularly @yloukissas@twitter.com's, amazing work: metalabharvard.github.io/proje

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learning from Jennie Choi about impressive efforts at @metmuseum@twitter.com as a CSV file github.com/metmuseum/openacces

with interesting follow-up work on collection's evolution:

and relation between gender and medium:


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What a day @TheNewSchool@twitter.com coming together as a group to find solutions for ! Our @NEHgov@twitter.com funded workshop had a great start and will continue tomorrow with more , and ! Stay tuned!

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1/7 From brilliant to bad: see what German author Fontane thought of his colleagues’ (+own) works with our new prototype! uclab.fh-potsdam.de/ff
More below! This is joint work by @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com’s Anna Busch @sabine_seifert@twitter.com @peertrilcke@twitter.com & our @vik_bru@twitter.com @markiaaan@twitter.com @nrchtct@twitter.com

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Today we (+ @vik_bru@twitter.com @nrchtct@twitter.com @peertrilcke@twitter.com @sabine_seifert@twitter.com) launch our prototype visualizing reading traces in the author's library of the famous German author Fontane, a collaboration between @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com and the @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com. See uclab.fh-potsdam.de/ff

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favorable write-up by @Forbes_DACH@twitter.com of our work at @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com:


( i must say i prefer the band photo we took last fall to the header image with just Boris & me looking rather stern ;)

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tonight @markiaaan and @vik_bru shared a sneak preview of a visualization of ’s reading traces (collaboration with @peertrilcke, Anna Busch and Kristina Genzel) during a cozy launch evening at @FontaneArchiv

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.@Medium has just featured one of my essays: “If Your Favorite Typefaces Were Celebrities”

The essay is based on a simple concept: think of typefaces as actors:

Bodoni = Tilda Swinton
Helvetica = Tom Hanks
Meta = Emily Blunt
Mark = Jake Gyllenhaal


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i enjoyed the Guggenheim episode in @ARTEde’s Art of Museums series - interesting take on the history of the museum’s architecture and collection: arte.tv/de/videos/055129-009-A

just not sure about the steampunk machine room interjections featuring a glass globe acting as a portal…

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Woot! We have three papers accepted to about

• scalable exploration of 's reading traces,
• relational views on a artist's collection, and
• a hybrid blending close-ups into overviews.

Joint work with @FontaneArchiv @BG_Museum

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We have just launched our first AR datavis app: CO₂ AR

The app allows you to visualise the history and possible futures of CO₂ emissions in Augmented Reality. It is part of our ongoing SENSES project.

Devs: @ekkilabor@twitter.com & @jbgbraun@twitter.com 💯


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In a now famous speech given in New York in 1866, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper told the audience that fates of black and white, rich and poor were “all bound up together.” nyti.ms/2D2HsJ9

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lose yourself in endless scrolling through the new showcase website for @FHPotsdam@twitter.com's design department:


application deadline for BA/MA study programs is 1 April.

great work @chrispiecom@twitter.com, @borism@twitter.com & Franziska Morlok!

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