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We have just launched our first AR datavis app: CO₂ AR

The app allows you to visualise the history and possible futures of CO₂ emissions in Augmented Reality. It is part of our ongoing SENSES project.

Devs: @ekkilabor@twitter.com & @jbgbraun@twitter.com 💯


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In a now famous speech given in New York in 1866, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper told the audience that fates of black and white, rich and poor were “all bound up together.” nyti.ms/2D2HsJ9

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lose yourself in endless scrolling through the new showcase website for @FHPotsdam@twitter.com's design department:


application deadline for BA/MA study programs is 1 April.

great work @chrispiecom@twitter.com, @borism@twitter.com & Franziska Morlok!

lose yourself in endless scrolling through the new showcase website for @FHPotsdam@twitter.com's design department:


application deadline for BA/MA study programs is 1 April.

great work @chrispiecom@twitter.com, @borism@twitter.com & Franziska Morlok!

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Shifted Maps - Revealing spatio-temporal topologies in movement data. Check out our @visapnet@twitter.com paper on this hybrid visualization technique integrating maps and network diagrams. By @HeikeOtten_@twitter.com @len_hil@twitter.com @tillnm@twitter.com @borism@twitter.com and @nrchtct@twitter.com shifted-maps.com/static/downlo

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in her presentation during @StarKerstin@twitter.com of @CCitiesOrg@twitter.com shares an activist-academic perspective on mobility justice as a combination of equity, diversity, and democracy.

the results of Berlin’s @radentscheid@twitter.com and the hopes with are promising!

a terrific transatlantic MA defense today by @N_Hengesbach@twitter.com on “A Matter of Place? – Unpacking an Air Quality Data Assemblage” with @yloukissas@twitter.com as external examiner. timely research on the local conditions of civic data sensing!

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at Berlin’s i walk with women* fighting for reproductive rights, equal pay and intersectional feminism

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Thanks to this great article by @hyperallergic@twitter.com, I got Emily Vanderpoel’s book: “Color Problems” and am looking forward to reading it: hyperallergic.com/467406/revis

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Remaking Collections, our special issue of @openlibhums@twitter.com, has been growing all year. Cultural probes, magic lanterns, Moby Dick, mashups, ancient coins and much more: olh.openlibhums.org/collection

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RT @infobeautyaward@twitter.com: SILVER WINNER: Arts, Entertainment & Culture - Coins reflect everyday lives, momentous events, and history long past. bit.ly/2quIqIg @flaviogortana@twitter.com @fvont@twitter.com @ElaGuhlmann@twitter.com @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com

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RT @infobeautyaward@twitter.com SILVER WINNER - Arts, Entertainment & Culture: Coins - A Journey Through A Rich Cultural Collection by @flaviogortana@twitter.com @fvont@twitter.com @ElaGuhlmann@twitter.com @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com bit.ly/2zw5w6a

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today is meeting up at @GropiusBau@twitter.com and sitting down in the cinema with our partner network to share progress, discuss current questions, and plan next steps.

RT @NadiehBremer@twitter.com: NEW WORK 🎉I've had the pleasure to work with to visualize the connections that exist between our Intangible Cultural Heritage. Here's the 1st visual: hover, zoom, click & more to discover how everything is connected to each other! ich.unesco.org/dive/constellat

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Henning M Lederer (who is also behind the animated version of Fritz Kahn’s Mensch als Industriepalast) made these book cover classics come alive
RT @aeonmag@twitter.com What would these book covers from the past look like when set in motion? Aeon Video: aeon.co/videos/vintage-book-co

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The System by @srendgen@twitter.com has just arrived and it's such a feat!

150+ years later these maps and diagrams can teach us quite a few lessons on care for detail and the elegant integration of multiple dimensions. Thank you, Sandra, for compiling this tremendous treasure!

in her inaugural lecture »Building Knowledge - Building Community«, @AnupamaKundoo@twitter.com speaks about rapid and informal urbanization and vernacular architecture, and proposes a radically new kind of knowledge to face demographic challenges.

/cc @Urbane_Zukunft@twitter.com

RT @tillnm@twitter.com: Urban Hacking in Mannheim highlighting how the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution destroyed files connected to the NSU.

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