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On occasion of my presentation with @vik_bru@twitter.com & Anna Busch at we added a new »Dark Mode« to our @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com prototype that positions books/authors based on similarity between quantitative occurrences of reading traces. Check it out uclab.fh-potsdam.de/ff

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This morning @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com’s Anna Busch and our @vik_bru@twitter.com & @markiaaan@twitter.com presented »Scalable Exploration. Prototype Study For The Visualization Of An Author’s Library […]« at

Note the new dark mode for seeing similarities among authors and books!


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Just finished my long paper presentation at featuring my Raoul Hausmann collection prototype developed in cooperation with @BG_Museum@twitter.com & @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com:

Prototype: uclab.fh-potsdam.de/hausmann/
English demo video: vimeo.com/273889290
Abstract: dev.clariah.nl/files/dh2019/bo

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visual rhetoric behind smart city marketing: from streetscapes devoid of any technology as a form of “humanist window dressing” to god’s all-encompassing view on the city as a petri dish - interesting observations by @kvnrogan@twitter.com


inspired by the Fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square: absences of art history placed on empty plinths in parks - promising student project in »Remixing Sanssouci« course by @MagdalenaKVRK@twitter.com & @textschleife@twitter.com of in collaboration with @spsgmuseum@twitter.com

apropos talking about artificial intelligence: the lecture room at features banners of the wonderful comic »We need to talk, AI« by @Docjsnyder@twitter.com and Lena Kadriye Ziyal.


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It's official! Our (@FontaneArchiv@twitter.com & @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com) project on Fontane's reference library was awarded with the Designpreis Brandenburg🎖️🎉Design credits go out to @markiaaan@twitter.com, together with @vik_bru@twitter.com @nrchtct@twitter.com. Check out our beautiful prototype below😊

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How is your work/sleep balance going?

Red: Work;
Blue: Free time;
Black: Sleep.

Via @centochilometri@twitter.com

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Wow! Hey presenters, did you know that @tamaramunzner@twitter.com has made ALL of the figures (like one I love) in her 'Visualization Analysis & Design' book available to use under the CC 4.0? Here's a site with high res pdf versions of them all: cs.ubc.ca/~tmm/vadbook/figures

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Looking for something to read on your Memorial Day weekend? The @NewYorker@twitter.com just published a feature on me and my joining @pentagram@twitter.com (!!)


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If you want to learn more about Climate Change Scenarios – an important tool for understanding possible climate futures, read the Primer that we designed and developed for our SENSES project!


| | @FridayForFuture@twitter.com

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Congrats to the top ranking organizations of this year’s Gemeinwohl Atlas ranking! We’re proud to have supported our partners @HSGStGallen@twitter.com and @HHLnews@twitter.com with this new issue for 2019. gemeinwohlatlas.de/atlas

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why am i reading »THREAT!« here? ironically, the thread is broken…

why am i reading »THREAT« here? ironically, the thread is broken…

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Yay! Our project with @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com about »Reading Traces« in Theodor Fontane’s author’s library got nominated for the »Designpreis Brandenburg 2019«, a design award granted by the Federal State of Brandenburg 🎉🎊
See our entry & the other nominees here: designpreis-brandenburg.de/nom

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meanwhile at @AppleMusic@twitter.com – coincidence or opportunism?

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Am 12. Juni – im Vorfeld des Kongress – startet @unipotsdam@twitter.com das erste Barcamp zu @theodorfontane@twitter.com: das ! Studierende aller Universität nah und fern & wer sonst noch Lust hat, kann teilnehmen. Anmeldung unter: fontanekongress.de/barcamp. Spread the word!

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