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Marian Dörk

RT We have a great lineup for our alumni-afternoon tomorrow! will talk about their wonderful game “Future Unfolding”. + about their project “Peak Spotting”.

The event (in German) is open for all. Start 2:00 pm.

RT One month left to submit abstracts for paper presentations and lightning talks at in Potsdam this October!

Please note that we're in the process of setting up a diversity scholarship program. More details coming soon.

RT Website with visualization works from my students now including all projects from last years.

RT VISAP'18 - the Arts Program runs from 23-26 October 2018 in Berlin. Theme for the Call for Entries this year is data and identities; submissions due on June 1st.

gorgeous installation by United Visual Artists consisting of a set of window blinds that reflect the gently moving light and shade in front of a tree

at book launch of "Reclaim, recode, reinvent – Urban art and activism in Eastern Europe" hosted by @boell_stiftung Liva Dudareva of @Metasitu speaks about public-art intervention in the post-Chernobyl retort city Slavutych, which was created from scratch with architectural references to various Soviet countries.

they have a residency program coming up: