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Today we commemorate the November Pogroms of 1938, but antisemitic violence in the German Reich started years before , as our project with @jmberlin@twitter.com and @hausderwannsee1@twitter.com demonstrates:



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Layers of Meaning was just presented by @HLMQA@twitter.com at —great conceptual & empirical work on for humanist research with an emphasis on material and practice: projectcornelia.be/uploads/lam

Houda started by quoting Johanna Drucker's talk: vimeo.com/173460860

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If you enjoy research of undiscovered grounds in and have experience in consider applying for the 3-year research & digitization project :


PS: Curious about our group? Listen to @markiaaan@twitter.com: youtu.be/08I2gvy0Swk?t=5524

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Comparison by @laurenklein@twitter.com of these two takes on eviction crisis is very insightful. It makes a difference how an issue gets framed, who is involved in the data collection and the creation:


Thrilled to join @VIS4DH@twitter.com today and hold keynote about with the :

»From the Flaneur to the Fold: Imbuing Data Visualization with Philosophy«

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and see all the presentations: vis4dh.dbvis.de/schedule/

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In the project, we are looking for support on a freelance basis (Werkvertrag) with the creation of & notebooks.

If you are / practitioner with an interest in graph data, please, find all details here:


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In July, Barbara Avila Vissirini presented her work on visual systems for input enhancement in grammar instruction at .

📄The paper is now online: papers.iafor.org/submission576

📹Watch the recording of the talk: uclab.fh-potsdam.de/v4l/ECLL20

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The response to the tutorials has been very kind and positive. I decided to add the lectures, which cover the fundamentals of information visualization in twelve episodes: infovis.fh-potsdam.de/tutorial

NB: These were created in the wake of the corona lockdown.

so excited this is out! the fold has been a theory side project at @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com for last 3 years accompanying (and maybe complicating) several research projects at intersection of and .

huge thanks to my amazing colleagues and collaborators @vik_bru@twitter.com and @markiaaan@twitter.com!

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In lieu of in-person tutorials in my class this passing summer, I wrote eight @ProjectJupyter@twitter.com notebooks on data wrangling and visualization making heavy use of pandas and @vega_vis@twitter.com via Altair:


Feel free to read, reuse and revise!

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New project »Topography of Violence« in collaboration with @JMBerlin@twitter.com and @hausderwannsee1@twitter.com is now online at jmberlin.de/topographie-gewalt and on display in the new permanent exhibition opening this Sunday.

Stellar design and development by @fabianehmel@twitter.com!

Photo: Yves Sucksdorff

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Today at 15:10 (Berlin UTC+2) Barbara Avila Vissirini will be talking live about visual systems for grammar instruction at the conference.

Follow her talk at this Facebooks page: facebook.com/IAFORJAPAN

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Today in the reading group (a course i teach at @FHPotsdam@twitter.com), we read the feminist paper by @kanarinka@twitter.com & @laurenfklein@twitter.com and noticed how the topic has evolved over the last 5 years.

It started with one question:
»What would feminist data visualization look like?«

🔴 Live @OliviaFVane@twitter.com is talking now about her doctoral research on visualizing cultural heritage data—tune in here:

from paper and data sketches to wireframing and coding, today @sadowskiseb@twitter.com visited the »Planetary Scrollytelling« and chatted about the design process behind the :


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On a more positive note: the special issue of the Information Design Journal with contributions by presenters of Information+ 2018 in Potsdam is now online!


A big thank you to our wonderful contributors and reviewers!

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📈📉 In May—when the curve has finally dropped—we'll start a research project in collaboration with @Filmuni@twitter.com @ctech_filmuni@twitter.com on Sergei at the montage of & 📽 🎬

Join us as creative coder/designer/researcher and apply by 31 March!

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We are seeking two new colleagues with expertise in and interest in for a 2-year research project on immersion and narration in digital cultural heritage.

Job ad: fh-potsdam.de/fileadmin/user_d

Apply by 31 March and join us in May!

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