Apropos reviewing requests for : My policy is to only review for venues that are either fully or where I have at least one submission that year.

If publishers are expecting free labor, they should make the fruits free, too. Looking at you @ieeevis@twitter.com & @acm_chi@twitter.com

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Registration for is now open:

You can decide between
👌 free (0$)
🪙 reduced (10$)
💵 regular (25$)
💸 generous (50$)

All proceeds go towards an special issue of peer-reviewed articles by the presenting authors.

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⏰ Applications are due today:

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What if the results from publicly funded research were freely available to everyone?

Our »Visualizing Open Access Summer School« in collaboration with @IBI_HU@twitter.com @HumboldtUni@twitter.com @oa_berlin@twitter.com @hccLabBerlin@twitter.com @FU_Berlin@twitter.com @OpenAccess_BB@twitter.com tries to find answers:


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Apply for: Visualizing Open Access Summer School organized by @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com @HumboldtUni@twitter.com @oa_berlin@twitter.com @hccLabBerlin@twitter.com @FU_Berlin@twitter.com @OpenAccess_BB@twitter.com Online. September 6-17. Applications deadline: July 15.


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Can collections help better understand the influences of African art on Bauhaus? Interesting speculation on the promises of to acknowledge and appreciate the aesthetic inspirations from Africa leading to modern art and design


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🗝 We are so thrilled to announce the keynote speakers for the »Visualizing Open Access Summer School«:

Johanna Drucker johannadrucker.net and Sonja Schimmler @sonjas0815@twitter.com

📅 To participate apply by 15 July. Find details:

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meets in this summer school ↓

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What if the results from publicly funded research were freely available to everyone?

Our »Visualizing Open Access Summer School« in collaboration with @IBI_HU@twitter.com @HumboldtUni@twitter.com @oa_berlin@twitter.com @hccLabBerlin@twitter.com @FU_Berlin@twitter.com @OpenAccess_BB@twitter.com tries to find answers:


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📚Just out:

»Co-Designing Visualizations for Information Seeking and Knowledge Management«

in Open Information Science with reflections by @nrchtct@twitter.com @borism@twitter.com @herrstange@twitter.com @hrsni@twitter.com @Lettebowskie@twitter.com on collaborative design.


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To ease access to largely publicly funded computing research, @TheOfficialACM@twitter.com opens digital library for limited time of 3 months and has the guts to call it .

To me this looks a lot like opportunistic coronawashing. Do the right thing and keep it open. I'd join again.

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Message from ACM Regarding Open Access to ACM Digital Library during Coronavirus acm.org/articles/bulletins/202

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On a more positive note: the special issue of the Information Design Journal with contributions by presenters of Information+ 2018 in Potsdam is now online!


A big thank you to our wonderful contributors and reviewers!

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Paris museums @parismusees@twitter.com just released over 100'000 artworks with high-res images under a CC0 license!


I hope Berlin museums feel inspired and follow suit. Maybe @museum4punkt0@twitter.com could be a catalyst…

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UPDATED: Open Access VIS 2019

A collection of accessible papers and research materials for VIS 2019. Includes the reviewing track and clearer labels for the badges.
Thanks to @_mcnutt_@twitter.com and @jamesscottbrown@twitter.com for helping!

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Fresh from the press: @DHQuarterly@twitter.com article »Narrelations — Visualizing Narrative Levels and their Correlations with Temporal Phenomena« by @hannahswn@twitter.com, Janina Jacke, @RabeaKleymann@twitter.com, @HerrStange@twitter.com & @nrchtct@twitter.com is now up!


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Das Land verfügt seit heute über eine Open-Access-Strategie. Darin kündigt es u.a. die Gründung einer Vernetzungs- und Kompetenzstelle für an. Die CC0 lizenzierte Strategie enthält @permacc@twitter.com Links & ist dauerhaft abrufbar unter: doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2581783

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Thank you, @FILWD@twitter.com, for raising these questions about in good faith.

Could anyone with more OA chops than i jump in and fill in the blanks?

/cc @EllenEuler@twitter.com & @dielindada@twitter.com

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after difficult deliberations, i have just declined the kind invitation to this year's program committee of .

from now on, i will refrain from volunteering for conferences or journals that have not moved to an model.

i hope @ieeevis@twitter.com will do so soon

RT @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com: explore this growing aggregation of numismatic collections held by German universities in the COINS visualization: visualize.numid.online 💰

if you're curious about the strange arrangements, read our paper: olh.openlibhums.org/articles/1 📃


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in other news: our paper about the coins project is now published as an article: doi.org/10.16995/olh.280

kudos to @flaviogortana@twitter.com @fvont@twitter.com @ElaGuhlmann@twitter.com and thanks to @WeisserBernhard@twitter.com & team!

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RT @openlibhums@twitter.com New article published in the @openlibhums@twitter.com Remaking Collections,
"Off the Grid: Visualizing a Numismatic Collection as Dynamic Piles and Streams" by Flavio Gortana, Franziska von Tenspolde, Daniela Guhlmann and Marian Dörk: doi.org/10.16995/olh.280 .

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