Apropos iterative design: Hokusai took almost 40 years to settle on the final version of »The Great Wave off Kanagawa«, which is now such an iconic piece of art!


RT @kaglinka@twitter.com: Freue mich über die Veröffentlichung des Computing Art Readers. U.a. mit einem Beitrag von mir& @nrchtct@twitter.com "Zwischen Repräsentation und Rezeption – Visualisierung als Facette von Analyse und Argumentation in der Kunstgeschichte" Hier gibt es das ganze Buch: books.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/art

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Spannend erzählte Technologiegeschichte als mehrteiliges Radiofeature über die Entwicklung eines 1-Megabit-Speichers in der späten DDR:

»Neuland - Zurück in der Zukunft«

Gern mehr davon, @dlfkultur@twitter.com!

RT @infobeautyaward@twitter.com: SILVER WINNER: Arts, Entertainment & Culture - Coins reflect everyday lives, momentous events, and history long past. bit.ly/2quIqIg @flaviogortana@twitter.com @fvont@twitter.com @ElaGuhlmann@twitter.com @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com

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congrats to @flaviogortana@twitter.com @fvont@twitter.com @ElaGuhlmann@twitter.com who just won SILVER for their visualization of a whole bunch of gold, silver and bronze COINS:

congrats to @flaviogortana@twitter.com @fvont@twitter.com @ElaGuhlmann@twitter.com who just won SILVER for their visualization of a whole bunch of gold, silver and bronze COINS:

RT @infobeautyaward@twitter.com SILVER WINNER - Arts, Entertainment & Culture: Coins - A Journey Through A Rich Cultural Collection by @flaviogortana@twitter.com @fvont@twitter.com @ElaGuhlmann@twitter.com @UCLab_Potsdam@twitter.com bit.ly/2zw5w6a

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moving discussion of @forensicarchi@twitter.com’s work on NSU and Golden Dawn murders. fascinating how pro bono investigations by FA in the form of ‘architectural pathology’ serves as a form of counter forensics in the face of the state’s glaring unwillingness to bring justice or truth.

RT @apabiz@twitter.com Veranstaltungstipp: Heute Abend (3.12. 19:30) : Diskussion und Video-Screening zur Arbeit von Forensic Architecture in den Fällen & . Mit: @ForensicArchi@twitter.com, @nsuwatch@twitter.com, @GoldenDawnWatch@twitter.com & The Society of Friends of Halit. rosalux.de/veranstaltung/es_de

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today is meeting up at @GropiusBau@twitter.com and sitting down in the cinema with our partner network to share progress, discuss current questions, and plan next steps.

Neat! A team at the Swedish National Heritage Board (@raa_se) repurposed the @ddbkultur@twitter.com visualizations that @chrispiecom@twitter.com @edlnrd@twitter.com & @c_bernhardt_@twitter.com created in collaboration with @therealstief@twitter.com back in 2014: uclab.fh-potsdam.de/ddb/

RT @AlbinPCLarsson@twitter.com What does a collection of over 7 million cultural heritage objects look like? - Visualization of K-samsök/Kringla.nu


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RT @InfoPlusConf@twitter.com: We have just updated the website with video recordings of the first conference day and photo documentation of the workshops, exhibition and dialog dinner. find the videos in the schedule:

The remaining videos will follow over the next weeks.

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RT @NadiehBremer@twitter.com: NEW WORK 🎉I've had the pleasure to work with to visualize the connections that exist between our Intangible Cultural Heritage. Here's the 1st visual: hover, zoom, click & more to discover how everything is connected to each other! ich.unesco.org/dive/constellat

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Henning M Lederer (who is also behind the animated version of Fritz Kahn’s Mensch als Industriepalast) made these book cover classics come alive
RT @aeonmag@twitter.com What would these book covers from the past look like when set in motion? Aeon Video: aeon.co/videos/vintage-book-co

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What a wonderful way to read (and play) about the emerging gaming culture in the late GDR with weird translations, somewhat subtle glitch effects, and C64 games as video sequences and playable emulations!

Nice work, @De_Gi_@twitter.com and the team at @zeitonline@twitter.com!


The System by @srendgen@twitter.com has just arrived and it's such a feat!

150+ years later these maps and diagrams can teach us quite a few lessons on care for detail and the elegant integration of multiple dimensions. Thank you, Sandra, for compiling this tremendous treasure!

Nina Hälker & Till Degkwitz are sharing their ongoing work at @Citysciencelab@twitter.com on visualizing multiple dimensions of urban social.

Based on data-needs workshops, they are developing a Cockpit for Social Infrastructure (CoSI) – which is looking quite powerful!

in her inaugural lecture »Building Knowledge - Building Community«, @AnupamaKundoo@twitter.com speaks about rapid and informal urbanization and vernacular architecture, and proposes a radically new kind of knowledge to face demographic challenges.

/cc @Urbane_Zukunft@twitter.com

RT @tillnm@twitter.com: Urban Hacking in Mannheim highlighting how the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution destroyed files connected to the NSU.

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