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Marian Dörk

today and i spent the morning at, where Mark-Jan presented his MA thesis on visualizing the collection

discussions ensued about for provenance research and broadening access to cultural heritage

RT .@ForensicArchi are looking for eyewitness video footage of the fire to build a 3D model of what happened:

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Always exciting to cross that threshold when some niche thing you’ve been participating in becomes “big enough” to be validated by coverage in a mainstream news media outlet:

Congrats, team 🐘!

the mother of computing, Ada Lovelace, understood mathematics as a poetical science:

comprehensive review by of the exhibition featuring (among other forms) quite a selection of critical visualization work and socially-engaged data art by students, alumni, colleagues:

does anybody have a backup copy of "Readings in information visualization – Using vision to think" (eds. Card, Mackinlay, and Shneiderman, 1999)? i only have the first chapter and the whole book is not that easy to come by…

RT Website with visualization works from my students now including all projects from last years.

i'm increasingly concerned about tracking, but appreciate staying logged in with some services. does anybody know a way to shield cookies from tabs for Twitter or Google from my regular web behavior? don't want to go all incognito, cuz i like my browser history…

intriguing talk by Elena Esposito on performative power of predictive algorithms manufacturing the future by reproducing the past; machine learning should learn how to learn à la "the more you know the past, the more you can expect the future to be different"

Art Palette by Simon Doury & Etienne Ferrier is a well-crafted exploration interface based on color similarities between artworks:

The idea is not new, but the intro animation and the ease of going through thousands of artworks is quite a feat. Well done!

the countdown to is on: sharpen your pencils, brew some fresh coffee, and clear your browser cache:

… and submit your abstract by 15 May!

RT Our Call for Participation is out now:

Send us your best work in & – and put our stellar program committee to work! The abstract submission deadline is 15 May 2018.

Many thanks to & for crafting our new website

RT VISAP'18 - the Arts Program runs from 23-26 October 2018 in Berlin. Theme for the Call for Entries this year is data and identities; submissions due on June 1st.

during workshop at on Mediatisation, Visualisation and Participation in Urban Planning speaks about Deep Mediatization as a thorough coupling between media innovation and social change that turns into a »media manifold« (joint research with