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Giovanni Magni

Here’s a selection of student projects from the Information Design II course in Aalto University that I teach with Juuso Koponen,
The level is pretty high, even if I say so myself! The course is part of the Information Design track of the Masters program in Visual Communication Design.

Hello everyone! I’ve recently created Dataglitches, an Instagram account where I’d like to share beautiful screenshots, drafts and mistakes that happen designing and developing data visualizations, mostly from my daily job here at Accurat. Hope you like it!

Hey y'all! Can you help me find the best use cases of data representation that utilise sound and/or motion as encoding channels? I'd love to reach out to the whole community for a massive 😀

I heard you like WIPs! Here one of the viz we created to represent the transmission of information in different systems of people. You are looking at a chatroom: red dots are messages, nodes are participants. (project out soon, hopefully)

Hi all! I'm Giovanni, dataviz designer at Accurat (, I'll try to bring in our whole dataviz team!