Hello everyone! I’ve recently created Dataglitches, an Instagram account where I’d like to share beautiful screenshots, drafts and mistakes that happen designing and developing data visualizations, mostly from my daily job here at Accurat. Hope you like it!

@p_maravich I don't do Instagram, but this sounds great. Maybe you can cross post things here for feedback. :)

@scott I'd love to! There seems to be no automatic upload from Instagram to Mastodon, I will post them directly here too :)

@p_maravich @scott I saw that some time ago Giovanni, it's very interesting. And I wonder how we can utilize Instagram for vis more. I only really know Mona Chalabi that's also posting worthy stuff on the platform.

A platform like Mastodon - but made after Instagram and made for data vis - would be awesome. Instagram right now is basically only for social signaling

@matth @p_maravich I'm not super familiar with Instagram but isn't it just as easy to post images here?

@scott @p_maravich It's easy, yes. But people use Instagram specifically to form visual narratives about people/groups (hence, social signaling).

They use it because it doesn't support text posts and has a strict organization of images (in squared grids), and so all images for each user have coherence, forming a narrative

The focus on narrative would dictate the kinds of vizes that would get popular from such a platform: personal, cultural, and creative. But I know I want to see more of that

@matth @scott (long thread, sorry) this is interesting Matt, I’ve never focused to much on social networks nature and purposes and before you mentioned the narrative aspect I was wondering about various account related to dataviz. I can mention a few, just to explain:

1) Guys from The Visual Agency posted for a while abstract pictures of charts with the hashtag ( but as you can see there is no proper narration

@matth @scott

2) Michelle Rial postes various diagrams and charts ( no narration either but really nice use of common objects

3) ( has no narration but a sort of demonstration of the tool features and abilities

@matth @scott Once I read your comment I started wondering about the importance of narration within Instagram and I think I can see it in profiles such as Zach Lieberman’s one (, even if he’s not showing proper dataviz, in his case the daily posting of experiments and drafts show a sort of evolution of technique, I’d consider this a form of narration

@matth @scott

At the same time, as you mentioned, Mona is doing a brilliant job on documenting her process and her work (and I also find her stories super funny :) ), but the narration here is more about her life where her job is naturally part of it

@matth @scott
In my case I have no proper narration for Datagiitches in my mind, I recognised beauty in my daily process and wanted to create a repo for it, do you think there will be room on Instagram for dataviz narrations? My main fear is that it does not look like the best social media for this purpose

@p_maravich @scott Depends on what we mean by a 'narrative'

What it means to me is a body of work that compels narrations to form in viewers' minds. Your images or Michelle's might not follow one another, but each compels us to think about stories behind it. We might then link those stories together to form a larger narrative about what you do, who you are, etc.

Mona maintains a unique style over time, so we can project personalities onto her. It also inspires us to imagine future projects

@p_maravich @scott Reflecting upon my own experience, Instagram's structure amplifies the human tendency for narrative construction around images.

Like how animation can make us project personalities onto abstract shapes

@p_maravich @scott Instagram is definitely not suited for vis, if what we mean by 'vis' is the specific genres of datavis we know all too well - like NYT, The Pudding, even the things you make at your work (although those still match my definition of 'narrative')

But Instagram wasn't made to fit anything contemporary either - people started using it and it became its own thing. People adapted to the technology, not the other way around

@p_maravich @scott Can visualizations adapt to a Instagram-like platform? I wouldn't know until it happens.

But the kind of visualizations I want to see in the future are creative, personal, and full of life, the kinds that compel users to reflect on their own personal stories. Given that the culture which emerged around Instagram has fully accomplished this, I think there could be a lot to take from the interface

Thanks for sharing those accounts, by the way

@matth @p_maravich OK, thanks, Matt. What I learned from this is that I understand Instagram even less than I thought. :)

@scott @p_maravich just some caffeine-fueled speculations. I've been writing something about data narratives and this convo just sparked something in me. A couple of those toots might have been tangential

@p_maravich We made a datavis glitches exhibition last year in Quebec. I will be close to Milan at the end of summer if you want to collaborate on one in Italy

Hi @chrisv! I knew about the exhibition, it was a great idea! I’d love to hear more and to get in touch and since you’ll be in Milano quite soon it will be easier than expected! You will be more than welcome here at the Accurat offices if you’d like to come visit us and drink a coffee! does it work?

@p_maravich That sounds excellent. I will let you know as soon as my dates are set.

@p_maravich I will be in Milano probably around August 8-10. Will you be available?

@chrisv sure! I think it would be valuable for the Accurat's dataviz team to meet you and hear from you, would you like to come visit us and have a little chat?

@chrisv hello Chris! just wanted you to know that I'll be out of office from tomorrow to the 6th of August, let's get in touch when I get back to get things together and meet here :)

hello @chrisv! Tomorrow at 6pm is probably going to be the best for us, does it work for you as well?

@p_maravich That could work. I will probably be in this area with my family anyway. See you then!

@chrisv great! You can find us in Via Gonzaga 3, really close to the Duomo cathedral, see you tonight!

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