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petulla @petulla

This intro explainer to special election results is something we'll be updating at CNN. Still thinking of ways to revise some of the visualizations.

@petulla really interesting -- I like the scroll-based chart interactions and transitions.

@petulla I like the scatter that starts the article. Did you consider having a diagonal gridline? I was trying to see where certain bubbles where above/below the 45 degree line (but then again, I didn't realise that later on, you would switch chart to a 'horizontal' version that did this comparion)

@tomshanleynz Thanks Tom. I didn't consider it no. I just relied on the transformation to bring out that point.

@petulla and the transformation does it real well. it was probably the analyst in me trying to read ahead. i really like the horizontal view by the way - i nice approach to analysing performance (which i'm going to store in my back of tricks!)