What iOS apps are ppl using for Mastodon? I was using Toot! at first and really liked it, but am sad that it doesn’t seem to support a notifications count badge on the icon. Now am trying Amaroq but am curious about others. Preferably apps with strong stances against crap like Gab

@piper @kristinHenry I’m pet sure I’ve tried them all at this point, and have stuck with Toot!. They all have their pros and cons, but for me, Toot! feels like the one with the most polish and thought. Amaroq is pretty good on the phone, but no iPad app was a dealbreaker for me. I’m looking forward to this ecosystem growing and improving!

@piper @kristinHenry “pet sure”? Should have been “pretty sure.”

Also, I will say that the first client that supports timeline sync via iCloud will have my undying loyalty.

@marczak @kristinHenry makes sense! I don’t have an iPad so haven’t encountered that issue, can totally understand sticking with Toot! for that reason. What do you mean by timeline sync? IDK quite what you mean!

@piper @kristinHenry If I have multiple devices, I’d like the client to save my timeline position, so picking up on a different device would leave me where I left off.

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