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trying IRC for the first time πŸ€“. using so far navigating not so easy

I don't even know. Kinda felt inspired to make Shigoto into a retro sci-fi/lo-fi sci-fi inspired interface. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


@hxii It looks great, please adapt it! Would love to try it out!

ToDo List for Week 24

- Markdown Cheatsheet
- Wap Sites (WML/XHTML)
- Bludit Theme
- Codoforum PWA Plugin

Iceberg, a #Markdown editor for #WordPress, seems like a great solution for block editor haters that just want to write posts without fiddling with a bunch of bullshit. ❀️

So after the Bludit theme I was commissioned to do fell through, it's now available publicly for everyone to use:

#theWorkshop #theme #bludit

Very happy to share Shigoto with you guys - a todo.txt manager and parser made in PHP.

It's kind of basic, but it works (I think).

#theWorkshop #todo #php

Managed to get my wiki to a somewhat working state. \o/
Still lots to be done, but I can actually start using it now.

#theWorkshop #wiki #php

@hxii Wiki is looking great. Like how simple and minimalist it is. Keep it up. Congrats ;)

@hxii Since EasyMDE is based on SimpleMDE, I'll suggest you to take a look at and Good luck!

Immersive retro-OS style website with summer 80's vibes.

Looks like it's a Vue js app under the hood. Just a blank screen if you have JS disabled.

CW: auto-plays music after you click in, and I'm not sure if every random video clip is appropriate for all audiences.

@hxii You'ere not alone. Beer 🍻 always helps me out, boosting my creativity.

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