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@scearley Ah that's pretty cool. Have you ever used this process to create more figurative connect-the-dots-es?


I feel like I should have been informed long ago that not one but TWO of the Tetris shapes are named Ricky

COGIATI_1, COGIATI_2, March 2019.

Visual poetry derived from declarative statements contained in questions in the COGIATI (Combined Gender Identity and Transsexuality Inventory) self-test.

@scearley Works now! Nice pieces, esp the last one.

@scearley I just got this when I visited the site, along with a "not secure" Chrome warning

@wintgenstein well how else are you supposed to get permission to vacuum up the identifying personal data of your site visitors

Excerpt #2 from generative prose poem entitled IMAGINE YOU ARE A GREAT GRAY WOLF evolving from output from my code.


@aparrish I was thinking about this recently, not for the first time, because I was mining Google Books searches for literary material (for erasure poetry, collage, etc) and realizing that the scope of some search term I was using necessarily extended beyond the 19c emergence of standardized English spelling. Realized first that I couldn't be sure I'd found all instances of the term, then realized that Google's OCR of all such texts is probably not trustworthy.

@minx $5? $8?

I'll trade you a zine for one.

@jk I have a professional degree and have often wished I could trade my degree and an enforceable commitment to never practice in the profession ever again for forgiveness of the associated debt.

@thegibson @bob Dale Sr's number is Sensitive Content in the fediverse


@shoutcacophony@anticapitalist.party @foureyedsoul I suspect whatever executive function governs my brain must have started its career at some place like Enron

@enkiv2 I think that's fairly accurate given that what he seemed to value the most was indifference to the consequences of living in accordance with one's own idiosyncratic will. So "that which does not kill me makes me stronger" = "that which does not kill me fails to impose any true consequence and thus should serve to increase my indifference to consequences."

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