I swear, @lisacrost is doing the most clear and accessible writing about data vis principles today. Read her latest:

@lisacrost truly meant in all sincerity. You are on a roll and now you have built a collection of articles so I just point people to a specific article when they are doing something crazy (visually).

@scott Ha, I'm glad the articles are helpful! If there's anything crazy that people do and I haven't written about it yet, let me know. I'm always looking for inspiration.

@scott Oooh, I love crazy! 😜
And yes @lisacrost, your articles are truly helpful.
@andykirk Please don't kill too many drafts. The more voices/styles the better :-)

@scott @lisacrost I read them a couple of time every time one comes out. Its such a great resource. I really liked the discussion on twitter on the topic that followed. Elijah idea to improve readability of "tough" charts by making people get accustomed to them kind of rings with me. Users and Readers won't get accustomed if these sort of charts remain hidden or underused

@scott @lisacrost Seconded. I had to go back to using and RSS reader to make sure I didn't miss any of the posts on 😁

@scott @lisacrost She is indeed and it is killing my own blog posting. As I sit there and start a post I think "will this be as good as a Lisa Rost post? No. Kill draft"

@andykirk @lisacrost come on, Andy, there will always be room for our subpar posts, even if they only server to bump Lisa's parts higher up in search result rankings

@scott @lisacrost Very true! Quality is often recognised when compared with the mediocre :)

@andykirk @scott 😮 Please publish all these drafts, Andy! They will be helpful to people. Even if it's just a little bit differently explained than in the 100 other articles about the same topic, it will click with people (who disliked the other 100 ones). (At least that's what I'm telling myself.)

Also, we should all blog more like it's 2005 (had a good conversation with @moritz about that at OpenVis)! I'm glad I'm publishing some bad Weekly Charts from time to time, to get my standards down.

@andykirk @scott @moritz Also, sorry for the late reply. I have been logged out of since April/May, it seems. I can't remember doing that on purpose... 🤔 Anyway, I didn't get any notifications, and now it's just a joy to catch up with what happened here. So many conversations I missed...and Thank You's I didn't give in time :)

@lisacrost @andykirk @scott @moritz I agree that anyone should publish, no matter who has on a similar topic before. We also have different audiences. And we write to learn as much as to teach.

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