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Scott Murray @scott

Have any of you data journalists visualized election results in such a way that *includes* non-voters?

For example, 40% voted for x, 35% voted for y, 15% didn’t bother to vote, and 10% never even registered. Yay, x wins! 🙄

See thread: @freakazoid @ted

@scott @ted I suspect it would be more like "10% voted for x, 8% voted for y, 40% didn't vote, and 42% aren't even registered.

@ted @scott At least in a midterm election or primary. For a Presidential election it would be more like 20/16/22/40.

@freakazoid @scott for that reason I think it my be hard to integrate no shows and people who are not registered. I think there is a big difference between people who have never engaged with the system and those who bothered to show up but were dissatisfied with the choices.

The problem seems analogous to trying to count unemployment. You can know people left the workforce but it's harder to get a good idea of why. If people never engage with the system, if anything that seems like it could be a stronger vote against the system than if they had been engaged and stopped for some reason. In the latter case maybe they got engaged because of some compelling candidate. How many people registered just to vote for Obama?

@scott @freakazoid besides what people have done, I'd love to hear ideas of what people thought could be done.

I think there is a huge opportunity to increase voter participation if done right.

@scott @freakazoid @ted and theirs another factor too. The unregistered citizens in a district vs. the registered but not voting

A great chart would have y-axis upper bound be population represented in the district, then stacked ghost bars would be registered voters in parties & stacked solid bars would show actual votes

I think turnout would be 100% if we could only vote up 1 candidate but could vote down as many as we want. Voicing displeasure removes a mandate

@gka @scott @freakazoid @ted interesting! Wonder if there could be a way to represent the non-voters in parliament. Maybe with non-politicians?

@moritz @ted @scott @gka How about with automatic "no" votes on everything, thus raising the threshold for making any changes or passing a budget?

@scott I did a little thing for a local mayoral election here in Austria, showing the shares of the winner and runner up based on the eligible voters (came up as turnout was about/below 50 percent): (from left to right it shows eligible voters, turnout and votes for the leading candidates, the inner circle is the run-off-result)