“The investigation into the Skripal poisoning, known as Operation Wedana, will stand as a high-profile test of an investigative technique Britain has pioneered: accumulating mounds of visual data and sifting through it.”

@scott wow. on the surface it sounds too obvious, they just look at evidence. But then the article gets into the ubiquity of cameras in the UK, the impossibility of not being recorded, and Super Recognizers (which of course reminds me of TMBG's John Lee Supertaster song)

@briromer This is an amazing (long) profile of the super recognizers, if you're interested in that idea. Love love love this piece.

@briromer @scott Wow, that New Yorker piece was really good. Made me stare at my phone when I shouldn’t have ;) now I want to take the test and predict I will be below average (Brian was the one to recognize me at Eyeo _after_ our first conversation).

@francis I would have sent you the paper version, but I don't know how to share a URL that points to a paper copy. :)

@francis How long did it take you to teletype that toot?

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