Chrome browser now auto-logs you in to itself. I noticed this a few days ago, and an happy to see the significance of this change written up so clearly. Makes me happy that I've stuck with Safari as my primary browser for years, and used Chrome only for dev work. blog.cryptographyengineering.c

@scott come join the club! It's the best browser in the world and it's free and libre and open source.

@gka How do you feel about Firefox's dev tools these days?

@scott absolutely sufficient for what i need. I never have to use chrome/chromium except for explicitly checking how something looks or works in chrome.

@gka @scott like, I don’t even know nor care to know what new features Chrome offers nowadays. and Safari is no choice either bc I’m using GNU/Linux for almost 1.5 years now. once you’re free there’s little reason to go back to proprietary spyware :)

@gka Oh wow, you are even more hardcore than I realized. Or is it just now that NYT won't purchase you a fancy computer anymore that you have been reduced to FOSS? 😉

@scott I’m with @gka on this. Been back on Firefox for a year or more. Don’t miss Chrome at all. The FF Developer Edition has some great tools (I believe it gets a preview of what Moz is working on before it hits in FF). They’re dev tools team is doing great work.

@darth_mall @gka Great tip to check out the dev edition. Thanks!

@scott now purchases my hardware and i’m quite happy with my new dell xps 13. really nice hardware, about the same price category as macbooks, running ubuntu + budgie desktop

@gka :-) Good to know, as I've been warned to never upgrade to the current MacBooks due to how the keyboards stop working if a nano particle of dust sneaks in.

@gka @scott have been running Ubuntu on my personal laptop for years and the only thing I ever miss is Adobe CS

@veltman @scott yes, there really isn't a replacement for Illustrator in Linux world. Though I found a nice photo editing app today that might be a good enough replacement for Lightroom for me

@gka @veltman @scott I'll have to check out Polarr. I have Darktable installed at home and have imported all of my photos, but haven't really used it yet.

Have you tried Gravit Designer ( It's maybe more of a Sketch replacement than Illustrator, but it might do the trick. Seems a little more polished than Inkscape, though I haven't gotten to use it much yet. A little disappointed that it isn't open source and has its own file format…

@darth_mall @veltman @scott yes i have used Gravit and I like it. also, most of my ui sketching I do using (which has an offline desktop version)

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